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Web Radio Today, the Faith and Fitness Podcast, Episode 36


WEB RADIO TODAY, The Faith and Fitness Podcast

Faith, Diet, Exercise, Attitude, Positive Imagery, Music and Research




Skip Orem: (00:09)

Hi everybody. I’m Skip Orem welcoming you to the March 11th, 2021 episode of Web Radio Today.

This podcast is all about faith and fitness for us older folks in our 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond.

And I’m sorry everybody that I missed the Friday release date for this episode, I got a little behind on things. However, this episode is going to be well worth the wait. I have some interesting health news updates, and we’re also going to talk about strength training for us older folks. We’ll also talk about how important our bodies are to God.

Skip Orem: (01:00)

Today’s episode is the last episode of the Web Radio Today Season 2.

It’s being recorded here at my Skip’s Voice home studio here in the wonderful little Nashville suburban town of Nolensville, Tennessee. First off, let me wish you a happy March everybody. Spring is on the way. The official start of spring, the spring equinox will occur on the 20th of this month, and then we need to set the stage for the arrival of spring by setting our clocks ahead to daylight savings time this Sunday. Those much more comfortable, warmer temperatures, they’re not too far away now. Let’s start off this episode of the Web Radio Today Podcast right now with a medical news update.

Skip Orem: (01:57)

We’ve talked before about how cancer just loves sugar.

Well, some new studies have discovered that cancer also loves lots and lots of calories. Dr. Nicole Simone, a radiation oncologist at Thomas Jefferson University has added a whole new dimension to research into food and cancer. It seems from Dr. Simone’s studies that it may not be just a question of the good foods that you eat and the bad foods that you don’t eat.

It now appears to matter very strongly how much food you eat.

These studies are still ongoing. And of course, any change in diet, especially if you have cancer needs to be monitored by your physician, but it appears that by eating fewer calories, you may be starving, providing less energy for the cancer to use as it tries to grow in your body. I put a link to this article and the show notes for this episode and I encourage you to read this article. Now, all of this of course, as I mentioned is still being researched, but there are some very interesting findings so far.

Skip Orem: (03:24)

The second bit of medical news for today’s episode has to do with vitamins

Baby boomers, we take a lot of pills. Many of them of course prescribed by our doctors. And we seniors, we’re also really big consumers of vitamins and supplements. A study that was done in 2017 found that 30% of seniors take four or more dietary supplements. I personally take six supplements every day. Of course, what this all shows is that we older folks, we’re definitely prioritizing our health and taking proactive steps to maintain and to improve our quality of life. After all, that’s what this podcast is all about. But the caution here, well, it’s for us to be mindful that these vitamins and other supplements, they’re merely that, just supplements, and they’re not a miracle cure for anything.

And just because we take vitamins, we take some of these supplements, that does not mean that we don’t have to continue to be aware of our diet and make sure that we eat right.

Skip Orem: (04:50)

Also remember this, you don’t want to take too much of any one particular supplement and make sure that when you have your doctor visits, that the nurse is recording in your record, all of the vitamins and supplements you take.

Skip Orem: (05:13)

It’s time right now everybody for a regular feature of every Web Radio Today Podcast. That’s right. It’s time for a Web Radio Today Mini Workout.

And coming up right after this many workout, we’re going to talk about us older folks doing strength training.

For now though, let’s get this many workout started. This is where and every Web Radio Today episode, we spend a couple of minutes getting our heart rates up and burning a few calories. A special treat today, we’re going to do this many workout to an all time favorite Web Radio Today workout tune. We’ve used it on a couple of our heart rate training workouts. It’s time to start moving on Web Radio Today. Get up everybody. Start moving in any way you can. You can dance, jump up and down, run faster, walk faster, do some steps, sway to the music, whatever you want to do right now to get any and all parts of your body moving. And if you can get up right now, move while you’re sitting, get those heart rates up, and enjoy Funkasaurus and Mighty Love. This is a Web Radio Today Mini Workout.

Skip Orem: (09:13)

All right, everybody, you can bring it down. Slow down and cool down for the next few minutes. Keep moving, but at a much slower pace.

Skip Orem: (09:25)

As we approach spring time, 2021, we are coming to the end of Web Radio Today Season 2.

We will be taking a break with Web Radio Today for the spring and summer months, and then targeting September, 2021 as the beginning of Season 3. Now, that doesn’t mean however that there will be no Web Radio Today Podcasts before September. I do plan to release a couple of specialized Web Radio Today workouts and Web Radio Today guided imagery sessions during the summer months. I’ve already scheduled a special episode later this spring, dealing with strength training for folks in their 70s. And then, the first of those guided imagery sessions will be released just before the summer solstice on June 20th.

Skip Orem: (10:42)

The best way to keep up to date on what’s going on with Web Radio Today, is to first of all keep your Web Radio Today Podcast subscription active.

If you have not subscribed to the Web Radio Today Podcast, you can do that at Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. That way, you’ll never miss any Web Radio Today podcasts episodes. When they’re released, they’ll come automatically into your podcast feed. And as I mentioned, those episodes during the spring and summer will be kind of sporadically released. So the best way to make sure that you don’t miss one is to be subscribed to Web Radio Today.

Skip Orem: (11:38)

Also, I hope that you will visit webradiotoday.com often during the spring and summer months.

You can also subscribe to Web Radio Today right there from the website, webradiotoday.com. That’s where you can listen to all of our previous podcast and that is where you can find the Web Radio Today audio burst. On the audio burst page there at webradiotoday.com, there are over 50 audio bursts which are reproduced in port and segments from previous Web Radio Today podcasts. Most of them are a very short five to 10 minutes at the most. And I’d encourage you to check them out. A lot of people like those audio bursts, because they get to the point and you don’t have me ranting and raving in between the information provided. And then Web Radio Today Season 3 will begin this September.

Skip Orem: (12:49)
Like each of you, everybody, this spring and this summer, I will be continuing to

practice and live the seven elements of the Web Radio Today disease fighting and fitness model. Faith, diet, exercise, positive attitude, guided imagery, music, and research.

Let’s take a couple of minutes right now to focus on the exercise element. That exercise element actually consists of two sub elements if you really think about it, heart rate training and strength training. Now we’ve spent a lot of time on past episodes talking about and practicing heart rate training. But I want to focus today for a couple of minutes on strength training.

As we get older everybody, our muscle mass decreases.

That decrease in muscle mass, well, it can cause us some serious problems, not the least of which is that it puts us at greater risk of falling down and occurring bone fractures.

Skip Orem: (13:55)

Also, this is important, strength training, it doesn’t add weight in terms of weight gain.

Muscle mass, having muscle mass actually burns fat causing you to lose weight. So as aging causes us to lose muscle mass and strength, we need to do all we can as folks in our 50s and 60s and 70s and beyond to keep strengthening our muscles, guarding against muscle mass loss.

But we’re older now, so as we try to build back aging muscles, it’s important for us to focus on age-specific muscle strengthening exercises.

You want to exercise your muscles against some type of resistance, think exercise machines, free weights, resistance bands. And then, to continue with your strength turning program, you want to be able to increase the amount of resistance as your muscles get stronger. Us, older folks, we need to start very light. Start with very light resistance and then progressively increase the resistance as our muscle strength begins to improve.

Skip Orem: (15:17)

My recommendation with strength training, especially for us, older folks, I really think that the ideal situation would be to have a personal coach or trainer. Most of us cannot afford that, but there are classes available in most communities where seniors can work together with some expert coaching in building their strength. It is just so important that strength training exercises, whatever kind of equipment you’re using, it’s important that those exercises be done correctly. The best way to ensure that is to have someone who knows what they’re doing, watching you do the exercises, correcting you when you’re doing them wrong, at least at the very first when you’re just starting out.

Skip Orem: (16:12)

And remember this sad fact, we are not 35 anymore.

We need to start light, increase the resistance then as we get stronger and again, make sure that you know how to do the exercises correctly. Doing the exercises wrong, they can cause some serious injury. Please try real hard to do your strength training with a partner, a coach, or in a group. And don’t forget everybody, later this spring in a special Web Radio Today Podcast, it’s going to be dealing exclusively with strength training exercises. We’ll talk about some very specific exercises that are geared more for us older folks. And remember this every body, strength training is so important as we age, and muscles burn fat.

Skip Orem: (17:14)

Web Radio Today is the faith and fitness podcast.

And all of us, we want to live a long and healthy life, free of disease. There’s a Bible verse that for me, well, it kind of puts all of this time spent with exercise and diet and taking care of your body, kind of puts it all into perspective. 1 Timothy, chapter 4, verse 8, it says this, “For while training your body is of some value, Godliness is a value in every way as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.”

Skip Orem: (18:04)

The time we spend on diet, exercise, taking care of our body, for so many reasons, it is not a waste of time and energy, or is it selfish in any way. I hope everybody that you will think of the time that you spend working on your health and on your fitness.

I hope that you will think of it as well as an investment in yourself so that you can live more fully for God.

Exercising and practicing good health habits is one of the best ways to care for yourself not just physically, but also mentally and most importantly, spiritually.

Skip Orem: (18:57

As 1 Corinthians says in chapter 6, verses 19 and 20, “Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy spirit within you whom you have from God? You are not your own for you were bought with a price, so glorify God in your body.”

Skip Orem: (19:26)

Take good care of yourself, everybody. Life, it’s such a precious gift from God.

Don’t waste even a minute or an hour or a day. God made these bodies for us. As David prays to God in Psalm 139, “For you formed my inward parts. You knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works. My soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was being made in secret. Intricately woven in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed substance. In your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them. How amazing are your thoughts concerning me? How vast. Would I account them, they would outnumber the grains of sand.”

Skip Orem: (20:54)

Praise be to God. For through his son, Jesus, we’re all saved.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” John 3:16 is the truth. Believe it and live. And be ready at the end of your life to join our Holy father in heaven, free of all burdens, able to enjoy God’s love for you in his presence.

Skip Orem: (21:49)
For the Web Radio Today Podcast from Nashville, I’m Skip Orem. Bye everybody.