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Web Radio Today, the Faith and Fitness Podcast, Episode 35


WEB RADIO TODAY, The Faith and Fitness Podcast

Faith, Diet, Exercise, Attitude, Positive Imagery, Music and Research



Skip Orem (00:13):

Hey, everybody. I’m Skip Orem, and this is Web Radio Today, Episode Number 35.

This 11-minute and 30-second episode today is going to be a standalone positive affirmation session. It’s kind of like guided imagery. It’s best to be alone with your thoughts and in a quiet space while you’re experiencing this session.

Skip Orem (00:44):

Often people will choose to do these affirmations in the morning. The first thing you think about each day can often provide the mental power, the strength, the positive outlook, for your day.

Skip Orem (00:58):

And if you’re not ready to do this right now, you can just push the Pause button, and then once you’re ready to begin, simply push the Play button and enjoy this Web Radio Today positive affirmation session.

Skip Orem (01:19):

The session will last, again, for 11 minutes and 30 seconds.

And just a reminder, I’ll be back next week with a regular Web Radio Today episode.

Affirmations are positive statements. Some will be scripture based. 

Skip Orem (01:34):

Some of them are designed to counter negative thinking, improve your spiritual, your mental, and your physical wellbeing.

And often people will spend a few minutes each morning listening to, thinking about, and repeating positive affirmations to themselves.

Listen to each statement with an open and relaxed mind.

Take it in, and then repeat it to yourself.

 Affirmations are similar to guided imagery and for some they may be more effective.

Skip Orem (02:24):

Try to position yourself as comfortably as you can, and to begin, take a couple of deep cleansing breaths.

Skip Orem (02:38):

Try to settle in comfortably and absorb what you’re about to hear.

Skip Orem (02:47):

I know there are times when I become worried, sad, even hopeless.

I also know that I am loved by God, and he will always be there for me.

I know that when I trust God, and think about him, and when I let him in my heart, he will keep me at perfect peace.

Skip Orem (03:31):

Because I trust God, love him, and look to him daily for guidance and redemption, he will never abandon me.

I know that the more I can allow myself to let go of unreal expectations for myself and others, the more at peace I can feel.

Skip Orem (04:10):

Today, I will not entertain negativity in any shape or form.

My goal today is to acknowledge and love the fact that God and so many people have faith in me.

Skip Orem (04:38):

Today I will create my own happiness by appreciating all the little things in life.

I will take a few minutes today to look up at the sky, or marvel at the beauty of a flower, enjoy the air on my face, or look into the eyes of my loving pet.

Skip Orem (05:18):

Today I will focus on enjoying all that God has created.

I will remind myself that God has a purpose for my life.

I have been uniquely designed by God for this purpose.

God had me in mind before I was born.

God listens to me.

Skip Orem (06:04):

All of my trust is in God.

God will provide the refuge and shelter my soul seeks.

God will order his angels to protect me wherever I go.

Through the death and resurrection of his son, Jesus Christ, God has fully redeemed me.

I now see that when I can appreciate myself, stick up for myself, and know that God watches over me, I can feel a strength in me that grows more every day.

Skip Orem (06:59):

I understand that the time to be motivated by guilt, by fear, or resentment is over.

Now is the time to do things out of love and celebration for all that God has given to me.

I see the beauty of my own being. I see and appreciate the beauty in others.

I see and feel the beauty of my surroundings.

I live in God’s masterful creation.

Skip Orem (07:42):

I am God’s masterpiece.

I am chosen and dearly loved by God.

God listens to me

and he wants me to talk with him.

Skip Orem (08:01):

I have been set free from sin.

My life has been rescued by Jesus.

I am healthy, vital, and strong, and I can see it and I can feel it as a say these words.

I can see myself surrounded by the love of my friends and family, both those alive now, and those who have departed.

Skip Orem (08:41):

I can feel God’s love and the love of my friends and family, as it washes over me like a warm wave.

I can see the vibrant light of God’s love deep within my body cleansing, opening, and releasing any tension and worry.

God’s powerful healing is clearing my body of pain and releasing new energy within me.

Skip Orem (09:29):

God has equipped me for good deeds.

He lavishes his grace upon me.

I Will not be shaken.

When I’m overwhelmed, God knows the way I should turn.

He will make all things new

Skip Orem (10:06:42):

With God I have hope and a future.

Yesterday does not define me. My past mistakes don’t own me.

God’s mercies are new every morning.

I am a new creation in Jesus. Nothing is impossible with God.

Skip Orem (10:49):

I will live this day surrendered to God, rather than trying to control people, time, and circumstances.

I will look for opportunities to encourage, build up, and be kind to those God puts in my path today.

Skip Orem (11:21):

God knows all that today will hold, the unexpected, the hard, the ordinary, and the joy filling

Skip Orem (11:36):

This day was written in God’s book before I ever woke up.

I am forgiven and set free from the weight of shame, guilt, and self-condemnation

Skip Orem (11:55):

I can bravely face this day and any difficulty because Jesus Christ’s grace is more than enough and will sustain me.

All is well today because I am held by the almighty God of the universe who calls me his beloved

Skip Orem (12:33):

Next week on Web Radio Today, strength training in our 70s, how cancer loves calories, and redemption.

For the Web Radio Today Podcast from Nashville, I’m Skip Orem. Bye everybody.