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Web Radio Today, the Faith and Fitness Podcast, Episode 29 –WEB RADIO SEASON 2 BEGINS

WEB RADIO TODAY, The Faith and Fitness Podcast

Faith, Diet, Exercise, Attitude, Positive Imagery, Music and Research


WEB RADIO TODAY SEASON 2 BEGINS Skip Orem welcomes everybody back for this brand new season of Web Radio Today.  This episodes feature a look back on 2020 with a view toward making 2021 the best, and healthiest year of our lives.

Web Radio Today Season 2 Starts Friday January 15, 2010


Skip Orem: (00:14)
Hey everybody, I’m Skip Orem and welcome to Web Radio Today. This is your faith and fitness podcast. January 15th, 2021, starting a new year. And we are starting season two of the Web Radio Today Podcast. This is episode number 29. New episodes just about every week as we focus on the faith, health and physical fitness of members of the baby boom generation. If you are new to the Web Radio Today faith and fitness podcast, welcome. I’m so glad to have you join us on our journey to strengthen our faith while at the same time, getting our bodies in shape to live a happy, healthy, and a long life. And to fight off and deal with those diseases that seem to come after us older folks in our 60s and our 70s and beyond. Many of us are dealing with those diseases right now, so we’re all in this together.

Skip Orem: (01:33)
And a special, a special welcome back and much love to all of our listeners from last season who are working real hard to stay healthy, stay positive, and get closer to their faith. I’m recording the podcast today from my Skip’s Voice home studio here in the wonderful little Nashville suburban town of Nolansville, Tennessee. Nolansville, it sits right here on the Southeast corner of the music city. Nolensville is just such a beautiful and charming little middle Tennessee town. On the first part of the episode today, mainly for, well, for the benefit of new listeners who have joined us for season two. I want to talk briefly about the goals of Web Radio Today and the benefits to you as a listener and an active participant in the Web Radio Today disease fighting and fitness plan.

Skip Orem: (02:35)
I’ll try to explain to you the ways that you can interact with the features of the webradiotoday.com website. We’ll talk about our Web Radio Today Workouts, the Web Radio Today Guided Imagery sessions and the Web Radio Today Audio Burst that also appear there at webradiotoday.com. After we finish that re-introduction of Web Radio Today, we’ll spend a couple of minutes doing a brief mini workout. That mini workout will be followed by a quick review of the Web Radio Today Disease Fighting and Fitness Plan. Specifically, what I want to do is to give you some additional information relative to the diet element. Some additional research that I’ve done on sugar. We’ll also delve into some listener emails, and then later in the podcast, just a short look back at this past crazy year and how we can use 2020 and all the things that happened this past year.

Skip Orem: (03:45)
How we can use that as a springboard into making 2021, the best year of our long lives. All of that on this January 15th podcast episode. Again, just a reminder I’m Skip Orem and this is Web Radio Today. Everybody, since this is the first podcast episode for this season two of Web Radio Today, I want to again, highlight the goals for this podcast, and how those goals can benefit each of you listening today. One of the criticisms of podcasts is that during the podcast, the host talks more about the podcast then actually having any meaningful content. Well, as I think season one demonstrated, we have lots of meaningful and important content on each and every Web Radio Today episode. But just for a few minutes, especially since we have new listeners joining us, I want to talk briefly about the podcast.

Skip Orem: (05:01)
And this is, well, it’s just not for new listeners, but also an important review for those of you who were with us during season one, because all of us are doing a restart here, not just of Web Radio Today, but also of this new year, with new goals and new expectations. Last year, especially during the first few months of 2020, that was a pivotal time in my life. And because of all of those events that occurred, I decided that I needed to start the Web Radio Today podcast. I had one goal and that was to focus this podcast on the faith, health and physical fitness of all of us here in the baby boom generation and to gear about this podcast specifically to those of us in our 60s and 70s and beyond who either have been touched ourselves, a loved one touched by a serious disease.

Skip Orem: (06:13)
And then to help all of our listeners actively guard against those diseases, those diseases that, well, they target us rock and rollers in our 60s and our 70s and beyond. To accomplish all that, I’ve developed the Web Radio Today Disease Fighting and Fitness Model. And that model has seven elements, faith, diet, exercise, attitude, that’d be a positive attitude, positive imagery, music and research. And throughout season two, we’ll be focusing in more detail on each of those elements and showing you how you can use them to live a healthy, a happy, and a long life while at the same time having some fun with all that. And if you, everybody can spend 30 to 40 minutes with us each week together, we’ll help each other make 2021 the best and healthiest year of our life. And also, you know what? You just might be doing some things this year as you go on this journey with us, you might be doing some things that will help you fight off those diseases.

Skip Orem: (07:33)
Those diseases out there that are gunning and for us baby boomers, heart disease, diabetes, cancer. All those life threatening conditions that we don’t want to be bothered with. We don’t want to have to deal with them as we are enjoying our golden years. If you are currently or a loved one fighting one of those diseases, or possibly just recently recovered, welcome to the club. We are all in this together to strengthen our faith, get healthy, stay healthy and live a long life. The plan is for Web Radio Today season two, to have new episodes released every Friday. Now, occasionally, just to be honest, I may skip a week perhaps maybe the previous episode went too long or I got too bogged down in research for the next episode, but I’ll let you know a head of time when I plan to skip a week.

Skip Orem: (08:40)
And for the most part, Web Radio Today season two podcast episodes will be weekly just like they were for season one. To make sure that you don’t miss any episodes, I would suggest that you subscribe to the podcast on any of the podcast platforms that are out there. iheart Radio, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, Overcast. We’re on all of the major podcast platforms. When you subscribe to the podcast, then that ensures that each episode will be automatically delivered to you on the day it’s released and that’ll be on Fridays. Remember this, all of our podcast episodes, everything about Web Radio Today is free. No charge to you. That includes the website and everything that’s available at webradiotoday.com.

Skip Orem: (09:42)
Web Radio Today is funded, it’s literally funded by a promise that I made to God, that I was going to help people of my generation to live long, happy lives grounded in their faith and their love of Jesus Christ. There is a lot of information that supplements the things that we talk about on the podcast episodes, information that I post online and it’s important if you really want to get the maximum benefit from this podcast that you visit the webradiotoday.com website at least weekly. This is especially important if you’re a new listener. All of the podcast episodes are located there. You can actually listen to them if you want right there at the website. And for each of the episodes, there is a complete transcript of the episode, so you can go back and read parts of the podcast content that you might want to review.

Skip Orem: (10:55)
And if you’re brand new to the podcast, I would ask that you click on the link at webradiotoday.com for Skip Orem The Genesis that content there you can either read or listen to it, will tell you my story and why this podcast was started. That’s at webradiotoday.com click on Skip Orem The Genesis. As I mentioned, all of the episodes are there and episodes one, two, and three are the introductory episodes to the entire Web Radio Today experience. And if you want, you can listen to them there at Web Radio Today, and they’ll also probably appear in your podcast feed once you subscribe to Web Radio Today on one of the podcast distribution platforms. Our mini workout is coming up in just a second, but there’s just one more section at webradiotoday.com that I want to point out and that’s the Audio Burst section or page.

Skip Orem: (12:08)
That’s webradiotoday.com click on Audio bursts. Those audio burst sound files highlight significant parts of each podcast episodes, condenses them and takes them out of the podcast. So they’re there for you to listen to again, or to share with your friends. So won’t you take a look at that page? Audio Bursts at webradiotoday.com and listening to those audio bursts can be a real review of the important parts of season one. Most of them have a transcript, so you can either read or listen to them or do both at the same time if you want. I will admit, a few listeners listen to the audio burse instead of the podcast because they’re a little more succinct and they’re free of me rambling on and on. So please everybody, visit Web Radio Today. Take a good look, webradiotoday.com at the content there.

Skip Orem: (13:11)
I don’t plan to have a Facebook page for Web Radio Today, I started one last year, I took it down. But the website for me and for our listeners, I’m going by listener feedback just seems to work out better than a Facebook page for our content. I am on Facebook if you want to follow me, the page is Skip’s Voice on Facebook and I’m on Twitter at SkipOrem, one word. Those links to both my Facebook page and my Twitter account are also there at webradiotoday.com. All right, everybody time to start strutting your stuff for the next couple of minutes. As we do a Web Radio Today mini workout. This is where everybody gets moving, gets their heart rate up, burns off a few calories. I want you to move your body in any way that you can or want to. Running around, running in place, maybe some quick exercises, a lot of folks dance during these mini workouts.

Skip Orem: (14:21)
You can do anything you want, which expends energy and burns calories. I want you to start that right now. The point here is to get your body moving. If you are unable to stand up, perhaps you’re in your car, perhaps you don’t want to stand up, just move whatever parts of your body you safely can. This everybody, is a Web Radio Today mini workout, burning calories while you enjoy Joe College, Vacancy Sign. (Singing). Let’s slow down and cool down for a minute. Great workout everybody, but keep moving at a much slower cool down pace. If you’re going with me on this Web Radio Today journey, our plan, your plan is to get in shape spiritually and fitness wise so that you can stay healthy, avoid disease, and also be in a better position physical fitness wise to combat disease if one attacks you.

Skip Orem: (18:29)
The Web Radio Today Disease Fighting and Fitness Model has those seven important elements, faith, diet, exercise, attitude, that’s a positive attitude, positive imagery, music and research. During season two, I’ll be giving you lots of information in each one of those areas. New listeners, you can get a quick review of those seven elements on the Web Radio Today Audio Burst page at webradiotoday.com. On the Audio Burst page, the most recent four audio bursts cover all seven of the disease fighting and fitness model elements, it covers them in a broad strokes way. And each one of those four broad stroke audio burst episodes, each one’s less than 10 minutes. I think you can listen to all four in less than 25 minutes.

Skip Orem: (19:25)
Those audio bursts are a really good way, especially those for broad strokes’ audio bursts, it’s a really good way to get up to speed, at least in a quick and dirty general way on the seven elements of the Web Radio Today Disease Fighting and Fitness model. That’s the Audio Burst page at webradiotoday.com. During season one, I did a segment on sugar, and how bad it can be for us and how important it is to take sugar out of our diet or at the very least, to start to reduce the amount of sugar that we have in our diet. Now I’ve found and sure you have to that reducing or eliminating sugar from your diet it’s easier said than done. It’s probably one of the most difficult diet challenges, especially if you’re like me and just love things that are sweetened with sugar.

Skip Orem: (20:37)
But there are some hard facts out there. Scientists have known for a long time that cancers soak up glucose, cancer cells just love and thrive on sugar. Prostate cancer, my nemesis. Prostate cancer especially, takes up and uses sugar at a higher rate to grow. So a diet that’s high in sugar it’s going to also raise your risk of dying have heart disease even if you’re not overweight. Us baby boomers, we know the diseases that are coming for us. Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, too much sugar is a factor in all of those diseases. The title of one of the audio bursts at Web Radio Today, the title, two words, No Sugar. If you can eliminate sugar from your diet, that is absolutely wonderful. For me though, and I’m sure for a lot of our listeners, it’s easier said than done, as hard as I try, I just can’t.

Skip Orem: (21:50)
I need a little bit of sugar in my coffee. I’ve gone from two teaspoons to one half of a teaspoon per 16 ounce cup of coffee. I like, no, I love chocolate. Last year, I started and pretty effectively did limit the amount of chocolate that I would eat. I limited that amount significantly. I’m down right now to just a square of Ghirardelli dark 72% chocolate every evening, that’s my dessert. For the bottom line here, we all need to limit our sugar intake. Amend to 36 grams, 150 calories, no more than that per day. Women down all the way to 25 grams, 100 calories, no more than 100 calories of sugar per day. So if you want to put that into some perspective, a 12 ounce can of soda, we say, where I’m from in Ohio, a 12 ounce can of pop contains 32 grams of sugar. That’s your daily limit right there in one can of soda. So getting down to it, 30 to 36 grams, 100, 150 calories of sugar per day, that is a pretty significant drop for most of us.

Skip Orem: (23:14)
But that’s our Web Radio Today Disease Fighting and Fitness plan goal. Women, 25 grams, 100 calories per day, men 36 grams, no more, 150 calories of sugar per day. Reduce your sugar intake, you help your body to fight off and prevent obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, tooth decay, non-alcoholic liver disease. Too much sugar is linked to each one of those diseases. And at our age everybody, those diseases, they’re coming for us. Our defense from those diseases, faith, proper diet, including significant sugar reduction, exercise, attitude, positive imagery to relax and refocus, music and research. The Web Radio Today Disease Fighting and Fitness Model. Since I released the last episode of season one back in early December, I’ve received quite a few listeners emails, some simply asking, “Where did we go?”

Skip Orem: (24:45)
Well, we took a break for a few weeks after that end of season one and now we’re back here with season two. Many of you emailed to let me know how much you enjoyed the last episode, that guided imagery session for holiday relaxation. Most of you enjoy the opportunity that that episode provided to take a few minutes away from the holiday stress. And some of you really appreciated the opportunity that that guided imagery session provided for you to really focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Like all of our podcast episodes everybody, the Web Radio Today guided imagery session for holiday relaxation, it’s available free at webradiotoday.com. New listeners, I want you to know that many of our episodes are standalone guided imagery sessions. And also, some of them are standalone structured, coached workout sessions, and we’ll be doing some new ones during season two of this podcast.

Skip Orem: (25:55)
Thanks everybody for your emails. And I want you to know you can email me skip@webradiotoday.com. I read, I answer and appreciate each and every email. And then speaking of guided imagery sessions, next week’s episode, episode number 29 released on Friday, January 22nd. It’ll be one of those standalone guided positive imagery sessions. The focus of that guided imagery session will be renewal and redemption. Giving each of us some time to spend alone in quiet. Thinking about what happened last year and about this coming year and I know you’re going to enjoy it. If you have never done one of those Web Radio Today guided imagery sessions, I want you to go to the Audio Burst page at webradiotoday.com and listen to audio burst 23.3. Make sure that you do that, it’s a short little audio burst, I don’t think it’s more than five minutes.

Skip Orem: (27:07)
But make sure that you do that before listening to the podcast guided imagery session next week. Just to repeat how to access that preparation session, go to webradiotoday.com, click on the Audio Burst page, scroll down there to audio burst 23.3 and give it a listen. We’ve been talking a lot and I’m sure you have with your friends about here we are at the beginning of 2021, 2020 is done with. A lot of new beginnings on the horizon. As we start this new year, let’s spend a couple of minutes looking back on this past year, 2020. I’m not so much looking back on it to relive anything, but more to look back on 2020 as a way of anticipating and looking forward to 2021. So here’s a challenge for each of you. Think about yourself at this time last year, early January 2020.

Skip Orem: (28:50)
And now, think about yourself also right now. Forget about everything that happened in 2020, just think about who you were last January and who you are now. Just think about that for a minute. I challenge you to tell me that you are not a stronger person, January 15th, 2021 than you were in January 2020. 2020, everything that happened last year, everything you went through, everything your family went through, everything we all went through. Most of us had to deal with some pretty bad stuff last year, I don’t see 2020 being, well, being anyone’s favorite year. 2020, it made each of us stronger, I think. Everyone alive today who lived through 2020, I think, everyone alive today was rescued by God and made stronger during 2020. What came in 2020 to destroy you, made you stronger.

Skip Orem: (30:22)
And let me ask you this. Did what came to possibly destroy you in 2020, did it bring you closer to God? And have you thanked him for giving you the strength and the perseverance to weather the storms of last year? Because everybody, know this. It’s through the grace of God that you’re here today. Faith is the first and most important element of the Web Radio Today Disease Fighting and Fitness Model. Faith and prayer are your vitamins for your soul. You cannot live a healthy life without them. My faith in God rescued me last year. Listeners to this podcast know the story. You can listen to it and episodes 2B and 3B, it’s why this podcast exists. What came to destroy me, brought me back to God. I urge you everybody, to think about your relationship with God this week. Thank him for what he’s given to you, both the good and the bad.

Skip Orem: (31:56)
Every challenge that God has put before you was put there for a reason. And during those challenges, you were never alone. God was always with you. The poem, Footprints In the Sand. Many of you, you know it. Footprints In the Sand describes how God is always there for us. The poem’s setting is a person our age, walking on the beach alone, thinking about their life. Most of us who live near a beach or who have been fortunate enough to be on the beach at some point at our older age, have done that walk thinking about your life. This person in the poem, let’s pretend it’s you. You’re walking along the sand, near the ocean on the beach, and you’re looking back on your life, thinking about both the good and the bad times. And as you’re looking back on your life, looking back along the beach, you see footprints on the sand where you’ve walked.

Skip Orem: (33:21)
Most of the time, as you look back there, you can see that there were two sets of footprints. One of those footprints, one of those sets belongs to you and then the other set belong to God. He was right there walking with you during your life. But then you also notice that during the bad times in your life, the most difficult and challenging times you face during your life, maybe some of those times came last year. You noticed that during those times, those bad times, you only see one set of footprints. And as you look out those single sets of footprints, you notice that, well, during the darkest times in your life, during some of your most difficult struggles, it appears that the God wasn’t walking with you then. You can see only one set of footprints.

Skip Orem: (34:39)
It seems that you were walking alone. Had God left you? This is strange, so you stop right there and you pray to God. You say in your prayer, “Father, when I was going through so much trouble, why weren’t you walking with me? Why weren’t you there beside me?” God answers you, “My child, I love you. And I would never, ever leave you. During those times you were suffering, during your darkest hours, those times that you were deeply troubled. Those times when you can only see one set of footprints, it was then my child that I carried you.” For Web Radio Today, I’m Skip Orem. Goodbye, everybody.