Web Radio Today, the Faith and Fitness Podcast,  Episode 25 – Skip Orem on Yoga, Dietary Supplements and Procrastination plus a 10 Minitue Mini Interval Training Workout

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Skip Orem (00:17):

Hey, everybody, from Nashville. I’m Skip Orem and this is the WEB RADIO TODAY podcast. It’s episode number 25 and thank you so much, everybody, for pushing the play button on this October 16th episode. It’s amazing to me to think that it was only 25 weeks ago when the first WEB RADIO TODAY podcast episode was released, and then to think about how much our listener base has grown, and I have all of you to thank for that. Let me tell you right now, it is just appreciated so much and I’m trying real hard not to let you down and I think you’ll really liked today’s episode. Even the mini-workout on today’s episode is going to be really special. It will be a 10-minute long heart rate training workout, and that workout it’ll be coming up in just a couple of minutes. Also, on today’s jam-packed episode, we’re going talk a little bit about the effectiveness of yoga in improving your health and we’ll also spend some time investigating dietary supplements, vitamin supplements, and we will take a look at how procrastination, putting things off until later, how procrastination can also hurt you in so many ways.

Skip Orem (01:51):

Before we get started with all that, though, I want to give you all some information about the WEB RADIO TODAY podcast schedule. We are fast approaching the end of season one of the WEB RADIO TODAY podcast. Just three more episodes until we finish up season one. Those remaining episodes, episode number 26 next Friday, October 23rd, and then the last regular season episode will be the following Friday, episode 27 on October 30th. Then we’re going to take a break for the rest of the year, except for a special, we’ll have RADIO TODAY Christmas episode, episode 28 on Friday, December 11th. That’s going to be a really cool episode and I’ll talk with you more about that later. That Christmas episode will then officially end season one of WEB RADIO TODAY and then WEB RADIO TODAY season two will start on Friday, January 15th. I went through that schedule way too fast, but don’t worry, I’ll post all of this information in the show notes for this episode at webradiotoday.com.

Skip Orem (03:08):

All right, everybody, it’s time for today’s mini-workout. In every WEB RADIO TODAY podcast episode, we take a few minutes to get up and to get our bodies moving. Today, though, in addition to burning some calories and maybe burning a little fat, we’re also going to focus on our heart as we do a mini heart rate training workout. There’s nothing really complicated about what we’ll be doing, just getting up and moving in any way that you can, that can be walking or running, cycling, dancing, whatever you do to get your body moving. Only difference is we’re going to be doing it, doing that moving at different levels of speed. That’s why we’re calling it an “interval training workout.” Then after we finish the workout, we’re going to talk about using yoga as part of the exercise element of the WEB RADIO TODAY disease-fighting and fitness model.



Skip Orem ( 15:  30) 

If you want to do that workout again sometime, I’ve separated it as an audio burst and you can go to webradiotoday.com, click on the audio burst page, and then this workout, it’ll be WEB RADIO TODAY audio burst number 25. You can download it then and keep it and do it whenever you want. That audio burst page, by the way, at webradiotoday.com, contains a lot of short segments from the various WEB RADIO TODAY episodes, sort of a WEB RADIO TODAY, greatest hits page. That page just has a lot of short segments from different WEB RADIO TODAY episodes and you can listen to them right there on the WEB RADIO TODAY audio burst page, or you can download them and listen to them whenever you want, and of course, there’s no charge. Everything is free at webradiotoday.com. That page contains all the

workouts we’ve done in the past. The guided imagery sessions that we’ve done, they’re all there on the

audio burst page at webradiotoday.com.

Skip Orem (16:55):

The disease-fighting and fitness model that we use here at WEB RADIO TODAY, it has seven elements: faith, diet, exercise, attitude, positive imagery, music, and research, all of those elements working together to fight off disease and to keep us baby boomers in our 60s and 70s and beyond to help us stay fit healthy and free of disease. Today for a few minutes, let’s focus on the exercise element. That element, exercise, it has two sub-components, heart rate training, aerobic training, cardio exercise like we did during the mini-workout today, and then strength training, building up our muscles to keep us strong as we start to lose bone density, as we get older and also to help us lose fat.

Skip Orem (17:48):

Lots of different ways that you can do strength training. You can do it with weights, machines, bands, any number of different ways, but today, I want to focus a little bit on yoga. The reason for that is that yoga, it’s almost the perfect exercise for folks at our age. It not only builds strength, but it also increases flexibility, improves your balance, helps you improve your posture. It’s good for stress relief. It’s good for lowering blood pressure, improving your focus, gives you greater endurance, and it gives you relief from joint pain, especially in your knees and your shoulders and your elbows.

Skip Orem (18:33):

Studies have shown that regular yoga programs over time, they improve not only your core strength, but also your upper body strength, and remember, everybody, we’re not trying to, to build big muscles like we might’ve been trying back when we were in our 20s, in our 30s and 40s, we’re not trying to do that, but we do need to help stop our muscles from deteriorating, and also to build some strength in our muscles, because remember this, I’ve said it before on WEB RADIO TODAY, muscle burns fat, and not only with strength training, but with all of these other side benefits of yoga, the stress reduction, the help in relieving anxiety, the improved heart health, the fact that it helps you to fight off depression, it helps you to sleep better.

Skip Orem (19:27):

It just seems, as you think about it, like yoga might be the perfect type of exercise to add to the exercise element of your overall disease-fighting and fitness plan, so if you’re interested in finding out more about yoga, how to get started, you can ask about it at your local senior center or rec center. If you’re a gym member, ask at your gym. I know that the SilverSneakers has yoga programs and videos and those SilverSneakers programs and videos about yoga, they’re specifically designed for people in our age group.

Skip Orem (20:00):

I’m going to link to some of these websites in the show notes for this episode. Remember everybody, show notes for each and every WEB RADIO TODAY podcast episode, those show notes are located at webradiotoday.com, all you need to do is just click on the podcast and show notes page. Also, as part of the show notes for most episodes, there is a complete transcript of each episode. To be honest with you, everybody, I have to admit that as much of a fitness nut as I claim to be, I have never tried yoga, but I’m going to start right now to add it to my overall exercise program. I’ll keep you guys updated on my own progress with yoga

Skip Orem (21:04):

Let me ask you all this question: Are you using any kind of dietary supplements right now? What I’m talking about are products, they perhaps come in pill form or tablets or even liquid form, and they’re designed to supplement your overall diet, vitamins, minerals, fiber, fatty acids, amino acids. There’re just a ton of different supplement products out there and they do quite a bit of advertising targeted specifically to people in our age group. The main thing that I want you to keep in mind as we think about supplements is that they’re designed and they’re meant to complement an already healthy diet, not to replace it. My own use of supplements, I take a pretty strong multivitamin, I drink a shot of elderberry every day, and I’ve been using Metamucil, that’s a fiber supplement, I’ve been using that every day since, well, since I was a young guy. I have, however, not added any kind of supplement, not taken any supplement that I’ve not discussed beforehand with my doctor.

Skip Orem (22:16):

I use that qualifier quite a bit on WEB RADIO TODAY: First, talk to your doctor. At our age and depending on your lifestyle, you may need some supplements, you may need to add them to what you’re putting into your body, but please don’t start any supplement without first discussing it with your doctor. You know the main reason for this. We all take many prescribed medications, anyways, and some of these supplements can interfere with your prescription medicine, so make sure that you talk with your doctor. Plus, doctors, they can help you sort through the advertising hype about specific supplements and then help you make a decision about whether you really need them, and also whether you need to spend your hard-earned money paying for them.

Skip Orem (23:07):

The supplements that I’m talking about right now are dietary supplements. I’m not talking about herbal medications, natural cures, those types of things. That’s a whole separate subject for another episode. Here for you, though, is the WEB RADIO TODAY. Bottom line on supplements, at least as has how I see
it. Start with a healthy diet first. Some supplements, they can be real helpful, but you need to investigate them and talk with your doctor first before adding any kind of dietary supplement into your body.

Skip Orem (23:49):

I built seven elements into the WEB RADIO TODAY disease-fighting and fitness model. They’re not all equal, though, because there’s one that stands above them all, and that is faith. I talk about faith, especially my Christian faith. I talk about faith so often on this podcast. My faith is one of the reasons that I started the WEB RADIO TODAY podcast. I saw this podcast not only as a way to help us older folks fight off and deal with disease, stay healthy, but I also saw this podcast as a way to bring people closer to Jesus and closer to their faith.  

Skip Orem (24:44)

My faith, everybody, without it, there’s no way I could have fought off and cleared prostate cancer out of my body earlier this year. I firmly believe that as far as disease- fighting and getting and staying healthy, faith has to be the first, the most important element. We need God, not only in our fitness and our disease-fighting efforts. We need Him in every part of our life. Everything.

Skip Orem (25:17):

Regular listeners know that I usually make some comments at the end of each episode encouraging people to get back to Jesus, to find Jesus if they don’t know Him and I always say, “There is no time. You need to do it right now.” I get emails from people accusing me of trying to rush people into a decision, sort of like a salesman of some type. I hope that I don’t come off that way. I firmly believe, though, that

procrastination is not good, procrastination, meaning just putting things off that need to be done right now. In our age group, if you’re procrastinating right now with your health, if you’re still thinking about WEB RADIO TODAY disease-fighting and fitness model, not doing anything yet, even if you don’t have a disease right now, actually, especially if you don’t have a disease right now,

Skip Orem (26:16

the current state of your health, especially if it’s good, that makes it easier to put any kind of decision about getting healthy, staying healthy, makes it so much easier to put it off. But you can’t do that. In our age group, the stats are working against us.

Skip Orem (26:32):

Please, everybody, get involved with your health. Work on your diet and exercise. Make sure that your attitude is right. Put the arts, music into your life so that you can be sure that you’re getting the most out of every day. Enjoy your family and friends. Boredom, not getting on with your life. When you get older, it can take you out,

Skip Orem (27:05)

and if you feel stress, do everything you can to lower that stress level, things like guided positive imagery and meditation and learn about your older body.

Skip Orem (27:18)

Learn about what diseases you might be susceptible to and how to prevent them and then how to tame name them if you get them.

Skip Orem (27:29 ):

Then as we talk about this faith element, firing up your faith, finding faith, making sure that Jesus is in your life, I don’t want to sound like a salesman trying to close the sale too quickly, but with Jesus, getting Him into your life, getting Jesus into your life, now we’re really talking about life and death, and not just earthly death, we’re talking about death forever and ever and ever,

Skip Orem (28:22)

and that means that every day, every hour, every minute and second that you procrastinate about your faith, you’re rolling the dice on your eternal life.

Skip Orem (28:36):

Jesus said this in the ninth chapter of Luke in verse 61, this guy is saying to Jesus, “I’m ready to follow you, master, but first, excuse me for a while. First, I need to get some things straightened out at home.”

Skip Orem (28:53)

Jesus, He answers this guy in verse 62. He says, “No procrastination. No backward looks.” Jesus says, “You can’t put God’s kingdom on hold until tomorrow. Seize the day.”

Skip Orem (29:17)

Please, everybody, seize the day. Seize the day right now. 

It’s the devil who’s telling you that you have plenty of time, “Take some time, think all this over. You don’t need to rush on this.” Jesus, He’ll be here when you’re ready, but there’s no guarantee that you’re going to be here.

Skip Orem (29:44)

You don’t know what the next minute holds. You know nothing. You know anything about the future. You really don’t have any time. Yesterday, it might’ve been a good day, okay? Things are looking good today and tomorrow is looking pretty good. Fact is, you don’t even know if there’ll be a tomorrow for you.  

Skip Orem (30:06)

Don’t put off Jesus. He’s calling you today. If you’re already a Christian, perhaps like I was, you’ve strayed away from Jesus, you’re backsliding. You continue to backslide.

Skipo Orem (30:21

Right now, just drop to your knees and ask Him for help and forgiveness. He will, of course, forgive you and He will welcome you home.

Skip Orem (30:30):

If you don’t know, Jesus, I’ll tell you something: He knows you. He already loves you. He knows

everything good and bad that you have ever done and that hasn’t stopped Him from loving you and He

wants to forgive you for all of that right now. He wants to put all of that behind. He loves you so much

and He wants to put His arms around you and He wants to welcome you home.

Skip Orem (30:59):

Do this today: Walk into the first church that you see and tell the first person that you meet there, the first person that you see there in the church, let them know that you don’t know a whole lot about Jesus, but you want Him into your life. That first person that you see there in that strange church that you just walked into, you will bring a smile to their face and you and that person right there, together, you two, you’ve just experienced a moment that neither one of you will ever forget, and that person will introduce you to your Savior, Jesus Christ.

Skip Orem (31:52

I will talk with you next week, and for the WEB RADIO TODAY podcast, I’m Skip Orem. Bye, everybody.