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Faith, Exercise, Diet, Attitude, Positive Imagery, Knowledge

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Recorded at Skip’s Voice Over Studio Nolensville, TN

Scripture Quoted : Luke 9: 23-27


  Skip Orem (00:13 ):

Hey everybody. From Nashville, I’m Skip Orem and you have punched up Episode 20 of the Web Radio Today podcast. Today’s episode, it’s going to be a whole lot shorter than the other episodes. It’ll probably come in at just under 15 minutes. The reason is that I screwed up last week, I hadn’t planned to do an episode today. The reason for that is we have a shortened week here in the US because of our Labor Day weekend. So I had planned not to do an episode and then release this episode, Episode 20, next week, on September 18th. Problem was I didn’t tell anybody about it. I’d have feel real bad skipping a week without telling anybody, you’d be waiting for the podcast to download in and it just. Wouldn’t be there, and I didn’t want to do that. So we’re going to go ahead and do Episode 20 today.

Skip Orem (01:18): 

It’ll be fairly short, and then I’ll be back on September 18th with Episode 21 and that will be a full regular length Web Radio Today Podcast. Even though this episode will be shorter than the others, it’s going to be good, I promise you that. And also because this episode is shorter, that doesn’t mean you’re getting out of here without doing a mini workout. And I also have a pretty cool featured song that I’ll play for you all at the end of the episode. As I mentioned, last weekend was the Labor Day holiday in the US. We got Saturday, Sunday and Monday off, that’s the unofficial end of summer, at least the last of the summer holidays. But I got to tell you everybody here in the Nashville, Tennessee area, Labor Day weekend was COVID breakout time. Lots of people partying this weekend on Broadway in downtown Nashville.

Skip Orem (02:24):

Folks seem to be out and enjoying themselves. My local grocery store here on Saturday, it was like the mall at Christmas time, you had to wait for a parking space to open up. You actually had to drive it around there until someone left. And my church was full on Sunday, at least by COVID spacing standards. It was just wonderful to see so many people out and about enjoying the extended Labor Day weekend. With this shortened episode today, we are 20 episodes in the season. One of the Web Radio Today Podcast. We are practicing our faith, watching what we eat, exercising, keeping a positive attitude, making sure music is part of our life, doing some positive imagery and learning as much as we can about fitness and health as we try to stay healthy and fight off diseases, especially those diseases that are out there to get folks like us in our 60s and our 70s and beyond.

Skip Orem (03:37):

You put all seven of those things together, and you have the seven elements of the web radio today, disease fighting and fitness model, faith, diet, exercise, attitude, positive imagery, music, and knowledge. And everybody of those seven elements, and next week, we will be featuring, I’ll be spending a lot of time talking about the knowledge element of our web radio today disease fighting and fitness model. I have been doing a whole lot of research, and I think I’ve found some pretty cool health and fitness knowledge resources that I will share with you on next week’s episode. Still some good stuff to go on this shortened episode though. Don’t forget, our featured song will play at the end of the episode. You’re not getting out of here without doing a mini workout, I’m going to do that in just a second. And then I want to share with you the scripture, which will be featured next week, give you a chance to read it, study it, and get inspired by it before we talk about it next week.

Skip Orem (04:56 ):

Time now though for our mini workout. On last week’s episode, I talked about music, inspiring us to exercise. I mentioned though how some people use different types of music, depending on what kind of workout they’re doing, some people like one type of music for their aerobic training, and then another type of music when they do strength training. This that we’re going to work out too right now. I think you’ll find it to be pretty cool. Workout music for whatever type of exercise you’re doing. Now, our web radio today, mini workouts, they’re not real time intensive. This one will last just short of four minutes. But during this time, I want you to get moving in any way that you can. Run, walk fast, dance, jump up and down. Do a little strength training if you want. This is just a short little exercise breather. All right, let’s do this mini workout, everybody I want you to get up and start moving. And if for some reason you can’t get up, do whatever kinds of movement you can while you’re still sitting down. Let’s burn some calories right now on Web Radio Today.

Skip Orem (10:12):

Beau Hall with his very uptempo instrumental songs, sugar rush, the background music for today’s mini workout. Don’t stop moving yet though, just keep moving, but at a much slower pace as you and I take a couple of minutes here to cool down. On next week’s episode, episode 21, September 18th, I planned to talk a little bit about, about where can we find leadership. In the US in a few weeks, we’ll be selecting the leader of our nation, but I want to focus on spiritual leadership. I find that a lot of folks feel that they need someone to guide them spiritually. Well, as part of next week’s episode, you and I, we’re going to spend a little time thinking more about spiritual leadership.

Skip Orem (12:08):

And so kind of in preparation for that, I want to share with you the verses that I plan to talk about next week, so you can read them, you can study them, maybe get your thoughts together, hopefully even be inspired by them before we talk next week. The verses are found in Luke Chapter Nine, Verses 23 through 27. Jesus here is talking to his disciples and he tells them, “Anyone who intends to come with me must let me lead.” He tells them that they’re not in the driver’s seat, he is. He’s telling his disciples and us, “Don’t run from suffering, embrace it.” Jesus says, “If we follow him, he will show us how to do that.” He says that, “Self-help, it’s no help at all.” Self sacrifice is the way. His way of finding your true self. And I love this, what good would it do to get everything, everything you want and lose you, the real you.

Skip Orem (13:51):

Please, everybody read, embrace, Luke Chapter Nine, Verses 23 through 27 and we’ll talk more about those verses next week. Also next week on episode 21, the knowledge element of the Web Radio Today, disease fighting and fitness model. And I will talk about a fast that I’m getting ready to do, and it has nothing to do with food. That is episode 21 out next week. I want to remind you since this episode is a little shorter today, if there’s any Web Radio Today episodes that you might’ve missed, why not go back and give a couple of them a listen, they all kind of stand alone, they may be dated at the first part of the episode when I talk about what’s going on but most of the information there is not date specific and all those episodes are available on any of the major podcast platforms, or you can find them at the Web Radio Today website, and then just click on the podcast and show notes link. Okay, let’s end the episode today with a pretty cool country style featured song. And for the Web Radio Today Podcast, I’m Skip Orem, goodbye, everybody. And here is Neil Cross, The Car Behind Me.