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Skip Orem discuss diet, positive vibes and conducts an Affirmation Session

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Recorded at Skip’s Voice Over Studio Nolensville, TN

Scripture Quoted : Proverbs 17:22, Philippians 4:6


Skip Orem (00:15):

Hi everybody, and welcome to the September 4th, Episode 19 edition of the Web Radio Today podcast. From Nashville, Tennessee, I’m Skip Orem. It’s a rainy day here today in Nashville, but I hope the weather’s nice wherever you’re listening from and that you’re feeling the good vibrations because that’s what today’s Web Radio Today podcast episode is all about, staying positive and reducing stress.

Skip Orem (00:57):

There is a reason why positive attitude and stress reduction are important elements of the Web Radio Today disease fighting and fitness model. Because a negative attitude, worry, trying to predict the future, those things, they can kill you. And stress, it’s an assassin out there just gunning for us. And if we want to live a long, happy, healthy life, especially now in our senior years, every one of us, we need to continue feeling the good vibrations and stay positive. More about all that later in the episode today.

Skip Orem (01:42):

Hey, I’m bringing back Joe College for the featured song. And of course, we have a Web Radio Today mini workout in our immediate future. And thank you so much everybody for all of the nice comments about the mini workout, the in the zone, heart rate training workout we did on the episode last week. With the completion of that workout, there are now three different in the zone, heart training workouts available at webradiotoday.com. You can visit webradiotoday.com and download any or all three of those workouts so that you’ll have them to do on your own whenever you want. And also later in the podcast, I’m going to guide you through a 13-minute positive imagery session where you and I will experience affirmations to help us keep those good vibrations coming.

Skip Orem (02:46):
But let’s get going right now with a Web Radio Today mini workout. And then after this mini workout, I

have something that I need to confess to you all. For now though everybody, start moving.

Skip Orem (03:19):

These Web Radio Today mini workouts, this is where we give you an opportunity with each Web Radio Today podcast episode to burn a few calories, to get your body loose and moving. No specific exercise required, just do whatever you want to get your body moving. You can dance, sway, jump up and down, run, walk, whatever you want to do. The important thing is to move. Even if you’re sitting down right now, perhaps you can’t get up right now, that’s not a problem. Just do anything that you can do to get whatever part of your body you can, to get it moving.

Skip Orem (04:26):

This record that I’m going to play to motivate us during this mini workout, the song’s called Mighty Love. It’s done by Funkasaurus. It goes over six minutes long and well, since this is a mini workout, what I’ll do is I’ll probably just fade the song after about three minutes. So right now everybody, start moving.

Skip Orem (06:52):
Time to slow down and cool down. Keep moving, but slower than you were as we end this mini workout

with a little bit of a funky cooldown period for another minute or so. Skip Orem (07:51):

Skip Orem (07:51):

Good job, everybody. You can relax now as we continue with the September 4th Web Radio Today


Skip Orem (08:07):

Confession time on Web Radio Today. I watch my diet just like I ask each of you to do. Diet is so important especially as we get older, trying to make sure we can fight the diseases that seem to attack us in our senior years. And of course, diet is important if we’re trying to manage or recover from a disease. That’s why diet is an element of a Web Radio Today disease fighting and fitness model. And if you remember it, it was the subject of a couple of our earlier episodes. Well, I was brought to a personal realization last week that as a cancer survivor, a person who in no way wants this prostate cancer to come back, and I’m looking right now at almost a 50% chance that it might come back, so of course, I’m following my own diet rules. But I learned this week that diet-wise, I still need to make some changes and that I need to be careful with any diet cheating that I may be doing. And true confessions, I have cheated somewhat on my diet.

Skip Orem (09:22):

And I hope that any listeners out there who are currently fighting a battle with cancer or any other life- threatening disease, any listeners in our age group that don’t want to get one of these dreadful diseases, please study and get all the information you can about diet and how some foods can kill you, and this is important, how some other foods can help extend your life. I’ll try to continue to give you information about diet during these podcast episodes, and also I’ll continue to link to important articles and writings about diet. I’ll do that at webradiotoday.com.

Skip Orem (10:10):

Y’all know that the Web Radio Today disease fighting and fitness plan has these elements of faith and diet, exercise, attitude, imagery, music, and knowledge. And I try to hit the highlights, but there’s so much more good information out there than I have time to cover on these podcasts. When I highlight the knowledge element next week, I will help you find some of this information. But please everybody, make it your mission to study and find out as much information as you can about staying healthy and living a long life. I pray that you will do that.

Skip Orem (10:56):
Joe College back by request, the Web Radio Today featured song for this episode, Episode 19, Out of the


Skip Orem (11:05): (singing)

Skip Orem (15:05):

Joe College with the Web Radio Today featured song, Out of the Blue. And still so much more to come on this episode. And don’t you forget everybody that later in this episode, you and I are going to do a 13-minute positive imagery session where we’ll experience affirmations to lift us up, put us in a positive state of mind so that we can take on the day with a new attitude, feeling those good vibrations.

Skip Orem (15:44):

The thing that I feel is really important in keeping a positive attitude is to every day when you wake up, thank God for giving you a new day. Every new day is a gift from God to you. You don’t want to waste what God has given to you. When you look at it that way, when you think about not wanting to waste something that God has given especially to you, I think it highlights how important it is to enjoy every day. Proverbs 17:22, “A joyful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” When you think about your health everybody, that verse, God’s word, it’s so true. A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. So it’s so important that we keep that joyful spirit.

Skip Orem (17:04):

Stress, it can make it hard to stay positive. And stress, it can make you sick. It helps diseases to grow after they’ve invaded your body. Stress can actually harm your immune system. Those fighter cells, those good guys, standing ready in your body to fight off the bad cells of disease, they get tired. They get worn out when you’re stressed. You don’t want that. You want them to be healthy and ready to fight for you. Philippians 4:6 says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your request be known to God.” God, he’s there for you. You can ask him, and I hope that you do, you can ask him to help you deal with the things that are stressing you. He can and he will work with you, help you to lower life’s stresses. And please everybody, I pray that you will not waste any of the time that has been given to you by God by succumbing to a negative attitude. Don’t spend any time worrying and playing, especially don’t play that what if game, trying to figure out the future, God has your back. He has a plan. Leave it to him.

Skip Orem (18:37):

Hebrews 13:6, “So we can confidently say the Lord is my helper, I will not fear.” What can man do to me? Things in life that stress you out, keep you from being positive. Don’t hide from those stressors, confront them, understand them and figure them out. Do what you can to eliminate them, and then just let them go. It is so important especially at our age that we need to make it our mission to enjoy every minute of every hour of every day.

Skip Orem (19:21):

Spend time with your friends, listen to music, exercise, laugh a lot. Maybe get a pet, cry when you feel like it, but don’t get lost in sorrow. A good cry, well, it can actually release you. Talk to God, make him an important part of your day. And then at night, turn off the electronics well before bedtime. At bedtime, close your eyes, count your blessings and spend some quality time with God and then just drift off to sleep. Stay positive, everybody. Lower your stress level, don’t play the what if game and feel God’s good vibrations.

Skip Orem (20:46):

Now as a special treat on Episode 19 of the Web Radio Today podcast, you and I are going to relax and close our eyes and do some attitude adjustment to help us unstress, to help us forget our troubles as we invite God to help us with some positive affirmations. This Web Radio Today affirmation session, it’ll be sort of like a meditation session. It’s going to last for 13 minutes. Affirmations, they’re statements that help us affirm our love of God and our desire to stay positive and relieve stress.

Skip Orem (21:48):
If you don’t have time right now to give a full, uninterrupted 13 minutes to this session, if this isn’t a

good time to close your eyes, isn’t a good time to maybe darken the room, if you can’t do that right

now, I’d suggest that you stop the podcast at this point and come back and do this affirmation session when you might be ready for it later today. When this affirmation session ends 13 minutes from now, this episode will also end and then we’ll get back together again next week for Episode 20. It’s going to be all about the knowledge element of the Web Radio Today disease fighting and fitness model. This affirmation session that we’re going to do right now is also available as a standalone sound file that you can download and use whenever you want. Just go to webradiotoday.com and then click on the audio burst page. This session is Audio Burst 19.2.

Skip Orem (22:54):

All right everybody, time to begin. Right now, I want you to position yourself comfortably so that you’re allowing your body to be fully supported by your chair or your bed or whatever is supporting you. Your head, your neck and your spine should all be straight, fully aligned. Now take a couple of deep, full breaths. Deep into the chest and then out. Deep into the chest and exhale. Try to breathe as deep as you can, sending the warm energy of your breath to every part of your body, especially those areas where you might be feeling some strain or some tension.

Skip Orem (24:20):

Deep in and then breathe out. Feel all of that discomfort being released as you breathe out, as you exhale. Deep in and then exhale out. Notice how the more you breathe in and out, the more comfortable and relaxed you begin to feel. Feel the tensions and perhaps even the bad thoughts leaving your body as you breathe out Deep in and then out. Begin to feel for just a second that your mind is empty and free of all worries and bad thoughts. Complete stillness, deep in and out. Both physically and emotionally, you’re beginning to feel relaxed and quiet, your mind becoming empty and free. As you continue to relax, you can feel the presence of God watching over you, smiling at all the good that he has created in you. You’re feeling so blessed knowing that God loves you. It’s almost like you can sense him covering you with a warm blanket of love. As God’s blanket warms you, you know for certain that you are covered in his protection, his strength and with his love.

Skip Orem (26:46):

And now let yourself absorb what you’re about to hear. I know that when I can model Jesus and forgive myself and others for things that have happened in the past that I begin to feel free. I’m beginning to understand that the more I can let go of things that I cannot control, the more peace I feel. I know now I need no longer to be motivated by guilt or fear or resentment. God is with me. With God’s help, I can now do things only out of love and my joy of life. I’m beginning to see the beauty in others and the miracle of God’s creation, the love that he feels for everyone including me. In addition to opening myself to God’s love, I also invite assistance from my friends and from my family, past, present and future. I want them to lend me their support and their strength. And I know that their love complements the love that God has for me.

Skip Orem (29:25):

Now, as I look inside my own body, I can see, I can feel this renewed energy that God’s love has given me, including the rebuilding of new cells within my body, new and vital and healthy. God has made this happen. I can see that my mind is sharpening as I become aware of my new, positive outlook on life and as I feel God’s love. And I now know that my mind is unburdened by fear, guilt, and false expectations. I have totally forgiven those who may have wronged me in the past. I will give them the same grace that God gives to me. I will love them as God loves me.

Skip Orem (30:50):

I now know that I can begin to see the beauty in others and the beauty in my surroundings, and I’m aware that all of this beauty and love was created by God. I can see God’s wonderful, bright light shining into the darkened spaces of my mind, loosening and destroying the bad thoughts that sometimes come over me. I can see God’s wonderful light on guard, protecting my mind from bad thoughts, fear and thoughts of guilt. I know that as long as I keep God in my life, my soul has been healed and he will keep me safe forever.

Skip Orem (32:29):

I am amazed at the release of so much positive energy into my body, and I look forward to using this new energy to live my life the way God intended. The fog around me is dissolving. God made this happen. I can feel my mind sharpening, my energy increasing, my love of others and myself growing. God has given me this growing and heightened sense of wellbeing and I thank him for it. I thank God for giving me this renewed courage, this renewed strength and resourcefulness. And I know that God is proud of me for taking this time to refocus my thoughts. And I want to thank God for all that he’s given to me. And my plan now is to go forward with Christian love, aware of all that has been given to me.

Skip Orem (34:56):
I’ll talk with you again next week. For the Web Radio Today podcast, I’m Skip Orem. Bye, everybody.