Episode 11, July 10, 2020

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Bible Verses Cited (Genesis 1:19, Genesis 1:21, Psalm 50:15, Matthew 7:7, Romans 8:28, John 3:16)

Links Mentioned (Prostate Cancer Foundation, Cancer Loves Sugar, Heart Rate Calculator, Measuring Exercise Intensity)


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Skip Orem (00:00):

Hey everybody, I’m Skip Orem, and welcome to episode 11, the July 10th podcast episode of Web Radio Today. We are deep into summer 2020, I’m just back from spending 10 pretty nice days in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, my summer vacation. Well, most of my out on the sun time was spent running along the beach, not actually on the beach and then relaxing at the pool, plus some very nice restaurant dining planned by my wife. And yes, I did use the Web Radio Today, vacation diet plan to stay on my diet and keep on track with my fitness goals. The COVID 19 shutdowns closed the beaches for the bulk of the July 4th weekend and in Fort Lauderdale and that plus some heavy rain on the night of July 4th, pretty much put a damper on the fireworks displays. But overall, considering what we’ve been through this year, I’m rating it a perfect summer vacation. And I hope that your July 4th holiday weekend was awesome too, everybody.

Skip Orem (01:17):

And I am so glad to be back talking with you all on Web Radio Today, especially since on this episode, we’re going to be talking about heart rate training. As we dig a little deeper into the exercise element of the Web Radio Today, disease fighting and fitness model. This episode should finish a little closer to the 20 minute mark today rather than go all the way to 30 minutes or more. Since my return from vacation has left me a little short of time this week, I don’t know why it is, but I get into a little bit of a nesting mode when I come back from a long vacation. So I’ve scheduled perhaps too many home projects for this week. Even at 20 minutes or so this will be a pretty full podcast today, talking about heart training. I spent some time last week just watching the ocean. And while I was doing that, I was thinking real hard about the miracle of creation.

Skip Orem (02:25):

Genesis 1:9 says, and God said, let the waters under the heaven be gathered into one place and let the dry land appear. And it was so. God created the oceans and if you start to think about it in too much detail, it’ll overwhelm you. All of the intricacies and planning of creation. Genesis 1:21 says, so God created the great creatures of the sea and every thing with which the water teams and that moves about in it, according to their kinds and every winged bird, according to its kind, just think about all of that detail. Yes, God is the creator, the ruler of the universe, the supreme being, it all just shows you how amazing God is. The planning, the engineering, the architecture that went into creating this world that we live in and our relationship to it. If you think about that, really think about it, then you know that God exists, that He always has existed.

Skip Orem (03:45):

The uniqueness of just one human cell, this didn’t just happen as the result of a big bang, God planned and created it all for us and everybody that’s what put a smile on my face. Looking out there at the beautiful ocean last week and thanking God for it. A quick reminder of what we are all about on Web Radio Today, we’re strengthening our faith and our fitness as those of us in our sixties and seventies and beyond as we do all we can, to get closer to God and also to keep our bodies in shape and free of diseases that tend to strike folks in our age group. And as our regular listeners know this wouldn’t be a Web Radio Today, podcast episode without a mini workout. So let’s take the next couple of minutes and do that right now. And then after this mini workout, I want to share some information I found last week about just how much cancer loves sugar. I mean really loves sugar, sort of a match made in hell.

Skip Orem (05:06):

Well, let’s get this mini workouts started. This is where in every Web Radio Today episode, we spend a couple of minutes getting our heart rates up and burning a few calories. This mini workout today is especially dedicated to some of our listeners down on the Bayou and Southeastern Louisiana. As we work out through some Zydeco music, if you can get up, everybody start moving in any way that you can. Dance, jump up and down, run faster, walk faster, do some steps, sway to the music, do whatever you can do right now to get parts of your body moving. If you can’t get up right now, move while you’re sitting down, anything to get those heart rates up and let this Zydeco accordion gets your blood pumping. This is a Web Radio Today, mini workout. Good job everybody, bring your pace down, your movements down to a cool-down pace. This mini workout is over, but you need to go slow and cool down for a few minutes, keep moving, but at a much slower pace.

Skip Orem (06:22):

While you’re cooling down, I wanted to let you know about an article that I read while I was on vacation. It was sent to me from the Prostate Cancer Foundation, they are @pfc.org on the internet. The article, and I’ll link to it in the show notes for this episode. Show notes by the way, and our transcripts for all of our Web Radio Today, podcast episodes they’re available at webradiotoday.com. You just have to click on the podcast and show notes link. In this article, they talk about research that has shown that cancer just loves sugar. And if you eat a lot of sugar, everybody, you’re absolutely making those cancer cells happy. You’re helping them to grow in your body and we don’t want that. Now, not all cancer cells are sugar loving cancers, but it may be involved in as many as 80% of cancers, including breast cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, and certain brain tumors.

Skip Orem (07:31):

Certainly, cancer’s love of sugar, a love affair born in hell. If you haven’t done so already, please limit the amount of sugar you eat, eliminating or lowering your sugar intake, it’s just so important in fighting disease. As our listeners know the Web Radio Today, disease fighting and fitness model has seven elements, faith, exercise, diet, attitude, positive imagery, music, and knowledge. We’re talking today about the exercise element, which has two parts, heart rate training and strength training. Now, today and next week, I want to spend some time talking about heart rate training. What we mean by heart rate training is doing movements, moving your body to increase your heart rate. An example of that is what we do when we do our Web Radio Today, mini workouts. To make heart rate training really effective, you need to know your maximum heart rate. Now, the MHR or maximum heart rate it’s calculated by taking number 220 and then subtracting your age.

Skip Orem (08:59):

Well, as an example, if you’re 70 years old, you take that 220, you subtract 70 and you have a maximum heart rate of 150 beats per minute. Knowing your maximum heart rate is important because knowing your maximum heart rate enables you to exercise in the correct heart rate zones so that you get the most bang for your buck when you’re doing heart rate training or aerobic training. And everybody, you should be doing heart rate training for a minimum of 30 minutes a day for a minimum of five days a week, and to make sure that you get the most value from the time you spend doing your heart rate training. It’s so important that you know your maximum heart rate and then know the different heart rate training zones and when to exercise and how much to exercise in each of those trainings zones. Sounds complicated, but it really isn’t.

Skip Orem (10:04):

And I promise next week on Web Radio Today, I’ll show you how simple it can be to do heart rate training. And don’t worry, you’re not going to have a heart monitor on or anything like that. We’ll show you some very easy ways that you can ensure that you’re exercising the proper amount of time in each one of those heart rate training zones. And we will talk about some of the best exercises to do for heart rate training. And I’ll help you structure a workout for getting the most out of that 30 minutes each day. But here’s a homework assignment. I want you to calculate your maximum heart rate. You can use the formula I suggested, 220 minus your age, or there are just a ton of maximum heart rate calculators on the web, where you can just put in your numbers and it’ll spit out your maximum heart rate. And I’ll link to a couple of those in the show notes at webradiotoday.com.

Skip Orem (11:09):

Once you have your maximum heart rate, we can then talk about the different heart rate training zones. And then we’ll use those zones to structure a heart rate training plan designed just for you. When you punch that play button next week, make sure you know your maximum heart rate and we’ll take it from there on Web Radio Today, episode 12, that’ll be out on Friday, July 17th. And then after this featured song, I want to talk to you about how all these troubles in the world right now, I’m going to give you a little secret. I’m going to tell you how everything is going to end, but just for you today. And you might want to move a little bit to this tune, Web Radio Today has listeners in London, in the UK. And so this next song is just for you because the song is singing about something that you all have experienced, maybe a little more than you want to.

Skip Orem (12:08):

We the Living and they’re singing about the London Rain. We the Living, London Rain, the Web Radio Today featured song for episode 11. Remember everybody, you have a homework assignment, right? Determine your maximum heart rate and next week, we’ll use your maximum heart rate to build a heart training workout designed just for you. I know that we have some listeners out there who, well, they’re going through some difficult times right now, our country, it’s going through some difficult times with this COVID thing. And then all this division and unrest. A lot of folks talking about a lot of things, not too many listening. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? How’s it all going to end? My objective, when I started Web Radio Today, was to help you strengthen your faith, your health and your physical fitness, but sometimes it’s just hard to keep that focus with all the things going on around us. I urge you to pray for our country. I pray that people can start talking with each other, listening to each other and find solutions for the problems that we face as a country.

Skip Orem (13:32):

Still, it’s hard to see beyond all this turmoil. How’s it all going to end? Now more than ever as a country, as individuals, we need Jesus. I’m urging you that if you haven’t done so already, let Him put His arms around you and walk with Him. Talk with Him about your troubles, ask Him for help, because He will help you. He’ll give you a comfort, He’ll give you peace, He’ll help you solve your problems. Psalm 50:15 says, and call on me in the day of trouble, I will deliver you and you shall glorify me. Matthew 7:7, ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find. And I love this part, knock and it will be opened to you. Jesus, He’s waiting for you, He doesn’t care about your history, bad things that you might’ve done in the past, your sins, all of that is going to be wiped away, clean as the morning snow, you will be born again.

Skip Orem (14:57):

And so you’re wondering, how’s it all going to end? Well, John 3:16 has the answer. How will it all end? For God so loved the world, that He gave His only song that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have ever lasting life. You in heaven with Jesus, that’s how it’s all going to end, there I gave away the ending. Romans 8:28, and we know that for those who love God, all things work together for good. Accept the gift everybody, believe and be saved. Walk with Jesus through these troubled times. Yeah, it’s all in God’s hands. You really, you don’t have the luxury of time to think about it, you don’t have time to get your act together, you don’t even need to get your act together. Jesus, He’s going to forgive, accept you, and then you can work with Him to get your act together because it’s a certainty. We don’t know anything about tomorrow. We may not even have tomorrow. So won’t you answer Jesus’s invitation now? He’s been waiting for you. Don’t make Him wait any longer. Let Him give you his gift today.

Skip Orem (16:29):

If you enjoy the Web Radio Today podcast, I hope that you’ll tell your friends about us. New Web Radio Today, episodes they’re released on Friday. And the cool thing about the Web Radio Today podcast is that you can listen to it whenever you want, you just have to push that play button. We have listeners now all over the world, joining us every week with the same goals as you, strengthening their faith, fighting disease and getting fit and healthy and staying that way. Every one of the previous episodes of Web Radio Today are still available. And I would, well, I’d encourage new listeners to especially listen to episodes one, two and three, because they explain why Web Radio Today was created and what it’s all about. It’s easy to find us, we’re on every major podcast platform as well as @webradiotoday.com. Show notes and or transcripts for each episode are also located @webradiotoday.com. And I’m looking forward to talking with you again next Friday, July 17th, and for the Web Radio Today podcast I’m Skip Orem. Bye, everybody.


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