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Beans Helping Beings


AUDIO BURST 9.1 June 12 2020

by Skip Orem | Web Radio Today


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Here is a Web Radio Today Skip Orem diet truth. Beans can make you a more healthy human being. No eating plan can really be sustained over the long haul if it’s boring. That’s one of the main reasons that I don’t recommend specific diets, because over time, all of these commercial diets, these new fancy diets you hear about, over time, they all seem to get really boring. If you plan to go on one of the popular diets out there today, no matter how healthy it is, if the food in that diet, if it doesn’t have a lot of variety, if it isn’t satisfying, and if it’s not exciting, it’s really hard to stick with the diet. When I was first diagnosed with cancer, my wife and I, we immediately started looking at ways to further improve my diet. We came across a cookbook which I’m recommending.


It’s called the Complete Mediterranean Cookbook. It’s just loaded with different types of foods and recipes that, well, they’re not only healthy, but very satisfying and exciting. I have a link to that book on the library page at webradiotoday.com. A very important food staple, which is emphasized in that book is beans. Yes, that’s right, everybody. A Web Radio Today Skip Orem truth is that beans will make us healthier beings. They offer so many health benefits. They’re an excellent, healthy source of protein. They contain folate, which is essential in making healthy red blood cells. Beans are so rich in antioxidants. Studies have shown that people who consume beans regularly, that they’re less likely to die of a heart attack. Now I’m not suggesting eating only beans, or I’m not even suggesting eating beans at every meal, but I want you to just think about including beans in your overall diet.


Beans are also high fiber, and studies have shown that they can reduce the risk of cancer. They may even help to stabilize blood glucose levels, which can help prevent diabetes. So I’m making a very true Web Radio Today statement. Beans are really good for human beings. As you plan your diet, make sure that that diet includes beans. The cookbook that I’m recommending, the Complete Mediterranean Cookbook, it has a ton of very, very tasty bean recipes for all types of beans. Let me say this again. I’m not advocating a bean diet. I just want you to think about including them in your meals, as often as you want. Beans are good for being.