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Burst 2.1  05.02.20

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AUDIO BURST 2.1 May 2 2020

by Skip Orem | Web Radio Today

From Episode 2, how intended destruction can bring you closer to God


Audio burst transcripts are very rough computer generated written versions of the audio. 


I can describe the way I practice my Christian faith . I guess you could describe. It is casual less casual sometimes more casual at others. At the time of his diagnosis. I was a member of a church occasionally attended services prayed once in a while when I needed something … so there. You have it my spiritual diagnosis. Going into twenty twenty as well as my cancer diagnosis. After getting the results of of the prostate biopsy. 

01:11 – 01:45

  This sounds cliche. Hope it isn’t but in terms of my spiritual diagnosis. All that changed after that cancer diagnosis. The Bible says God will use the very thing that’s meant to destroy you to deliver you that everybody is so true. Of course I started praying several times a day. Don’t let this be cancer. Police helped me keep this cancer from spreading. Let the scans be clear. Make it possible for me to have the surgery. Assist me to have a good recovery. 

01:46 – 02:29

 As the days and nights went on my prayers became deeper more analytical. They became well a profound examination of how I was living my life. I talked with God about things on needed. The change no matter the end result of this cancer God was going to be more deeply involved with my life talks with God well. They helped me to to realize that I needed time to shine my light and make a positive difference in the lives of my family friends. People that I don’t even know. 

02:30 – 02:45

Is this newfound deep faith just a cliche because I happen to need God? Right now are the things. I’m saying just latitudes to get me through this fight from a life.

02:46 – 03:15

No everybody. This isn’t a cliche. These are not platitudes. I’m all in if I fail if back backslide if I’m really full of crap if I’m just using God right now telling everybody it’s all going to be out there for everyone to see especially with the web radio today podcast.

03:15- 03:40

 I thanked this cancer though for challenging me to learn change and grow when I tell this cancer these things. Thanks for teaching me to. Stop and listen. Thank you for reminding me what is truly important. You can go now my more intense relationship with God.