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Burst 6.2  05.22.20

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AUDIO BURST 6.2 May 22 2020

by Skip Orem | Web Radio Today

From episode 6,  Skip Orem encourages powering up your immune system with a positive attitude


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6.2. BURST 05.22.20 TRANSCRIP

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to keep your immune system healthy to keep fighting for you. Killing those bad harmful sells for you keeping them out of your body fighting disease. Those good disease fighter ctoptoptells those disease fighting warrior cells. They need your positive attitude. They need that positive attitude for motivation to keep them fighting you. You’re the general the leader.

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those disease fighting cells that power up your immune system there Your troops please. Everybody stay positive in everything you do. Always always expect a good outcome. Keep love at the forefront of your heart a  healthy system thrives on that positive attitude and love in your heart 

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 feel just so strongly that a negative attitude when bad things happen or bad things. They thrive on a negative attitude. They thrive on the absence of love. If You keep worrying and predicting a bad outcome you’re going to cause a bad outcome you know especially at our age everybody. We need those fighter cells in our immune system. We need him so much. We need them to be strong. So feed them with your positive attitude your energy. Keep love in your heart proverbs. Seventeen twenty two says. A joyful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up on the bones.

02:49 – 02:30

that’s proverbs the Bible. The best self help book out there. I’m telling you everybody no other self help book no positive attitude Guru no workshop. No seminar. Certainly no podcast can say any better. That’s self-help straight from God’s word. A joyful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up on the bones. Know that everybody