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Burst 5.2  05.15.20

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AUDIO BURST 5.2 May 15 2020

by Skip Orem | Web Radio Today

From episode 5, Skip Orem talks about his goals for the Web Radio Today podcast and the importance of Faith.


Audio burst transcripts are very rough computer generated written versions of the audio. 

5.2. BURST 05.15.20 TRANSCRIPT

00:00 – 00:31

We are on a journey everybody, you and I.   This health and fitness upgrading, disease fighting, faith strengthening, life saving journey. 

I started the Web Radio Today Podcast because I wanted you to join me on this voyage of faith and fitness. And I hope that you will come back every week and keep listening to the podcast  

00:31  – 00:54

   I’m trying real hard to make each episode meaningful to provide good disease fighting health and fitness information and to do that in in a fun in a in an interesting way and if I can help just one person and I’m prove their their health and fitness

0-:55 – 01:20

if I can bring just one person to Jesus Wow web radio today would be an unqualified success in my mind. If that could happen and everybody if you are bogged down with worry right now if   you feel broken if if maybe there’s an emptiness in your life maybe it’s not an emptiness maybe it’s just that you feel like something

01:27   – 01:54

might be missing or maybe you’re in this struggle whatever it might be and and you feel like you can’t fight it alone. Jesus is waiting to help you if you let him. He’ll welcome home. He doesn’t care about what kind of life you’ve had before the bad things you may have done the times you might have denied him in the past Everybody that

01:54 – 02: 20

can all be left behind. He’s seen it all and still his arms are open to you. This powerful verse from Isaiah Chapter Forty Four Verse Twenty-  Two this verse it says it all. I have swept away your offenses like a cloud. Your sins like the morning mist.

02:30 – 2:53 

Return to me for

I have redeemed you. Faith is the most important part of the web radio today disease fighting and fitness model. As why talk about it on every podcast. Staying in good health getting fit doing the right things to avoid and fight  a disease, well, those actions will they can all help you to live a long life your faith though

2:54 – 03:24

your faith everybody your belief in Jesus can give you eternal life. A  powerful statement in my favorite Bible Verse John Three Sixteen for God so loved the world that he  gave his one and only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

03:25: – 03:50

If you WANNA talk about it email me skip web radio today DOT COM. I don’t want you