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FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND, Web Radio Today Audio Burst from Episode 29


Looking Ahead to 2021 and Looking Back at the FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND

by Skip Orem | Web Radio Today

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This is a special Web Radio Today excerpt from EPISODE 28, JANUARY 15, 2021



(00:24) SKIP OREM  

As we start this new year, let’s spend a couple of minutes looking back on this past year, 2020. I’m not so much looking back on it to relive anything, but more to look back on 2020 as a way of anticipating and looking forward to 2021. So here’s a challenge for each of you. Think about yourself at this time last year, early January 2020. 

(00:59) SKIP OREM  

And now, think about yourself also right now. Forget about everything that happened in 2020, just think about who you were last January and who you are now. Just think about that for a minute. 

(01:25 ) SKIP OREM

I challenge you to tell me that you are not a stronger person, January 15th, 2021 than you were in 

January 2020. 2020, everything that happened last year, everything you went through, everything your family went through, everything we all went through. Most of us had to deal with some pretty bad stuff last year, I don’t see 2020 being, well, being anyone’s favorite year.   

(02:09  ) SKIP OREM

2020, it made each of us stronger, I think. Everyone alive today who lived through 2020, I think, everyone alive today was rescued by God and made stronger during 2020. What came in 2020 to destroy you, made you stronger.

 (02:32 ) SKIP OREM

And let me ask you this. Did what came to possibly destroy you in 2020, did it bring you closer to God? And have you thanked him for giving you the strength and the perseverance to weather the storms of last year? Because everybody, know this. It’s through the grace of God that you’re here today. 

(03:16 ) SKIP OREM

Faith is the first and most important element of the Web Radio Today Disease Fighting and Fitness Model. Faith and prayer are your vitamins for your soul. You cannot live a healthy life without them. My faith in God rescued me last year. Listeners to this podcast know the story. You can listen to it and episodes 2B and 3B, it’s why this podcast exists. What came to destroy me, brought me back to God. I urge you everybody, to think about your relationship with God this week. Thank him for what he’s given to you, both the good and the bad. 

(04:06) SKIP OREM

 Every challenge that God has put before you was put there for a reason. And during those challenges, you were never alone. God was always with you. 

(04:18) SKIP OREM

The poem, Footprints In the Sand. Many of you, you know it. Footprints In the Sand describes how God is always there for us. 

(04:39) SKIP OREM

The poem’s setting is a person our age, walking on the beach alone, thinking about their life. Most of us who live near a beach or who have been fortunate enough to be on the beach at some point at our older age, have done that walk thinking about your life. This person in the poem, let’s pretend it’s you. You’re walking along the sand, near the ocean on the beach, and you’re looking back on your life, thinking about both the good and the bad times. And as you’re looking back on your life, looking back along the beach, you see footprints on the sand where you’ve walked. 

(05:30) SKIP OREM

Most of the time, as you look back there, you can see that there were two sets of footprints. One of those footprints, one of those sets belongs to you and then the other set belong to God. He was right there walking with you during your life. But then you also notice that during the bad times in your life, the most difficult and challenging times you face during your life, maybe some of those times came last year. You noticed that during those times, those bad times, you only see one set of footprints. 

(06:18) SKIP OREM

And as you look out those single sets of footprints, you notice that, well, during the darkest times in your life, during some of your most difficult struggles, it appears that the God wasn’t walking with you then. You can see only one set of footprints. 

(06:18) SKIP OREM

  It seems that you were walking alone. Had God left you? This is strange, so you stop right there and you pray to God. You say in your prayer, “Father, when I was going through so much trouble, why weren’t you walking with me? Why weren’t you there beside me?” God answers you, 

(07:14) SKIP OREM

“My child, I love you. And I would never, ever leave you. During those times you were suffering, during your darkest hours, those times that you were deeply troubled. Those times when you can only see one set of footprints, it was then my child that I carried you.