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POSITIVE ATTITUDE/FAITH, Web Radio Today Audio Burst from Episode 27


Positive Attitude and Faith Elements of the Web Radio Today Disease Fighting and Fitness Model

by Skip Orem | Web Radio Today

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This is a special Web Radio Today excerpt from EPISODE 27, OCTOBER 30 2020


Postive Attitude Healthy Immune System

Skip Orem: (00:05)

We’ve used broad strokes today to talk about five of the seven elements of the Web Radio Today, Disease Fighting and Fitness Model. Let’s finish this episode, talking about faith and maintaining a positive attitude, they are linked in so many ways. Your faith and positive attitude, those are two elements that are invaluable in maintaining a healthy immune system and you need a healthy immune system, that’s that system in your body that keeps you healthy, gets rid of all the bad cells.

The Defenders – Your Immune System

Skip Orem: (00:45)

If you have a disease, you need that immune system to fight the disease. And it’s that healthy immune system that keeps diseases from being able to attack you. But also faith and your positive attitude they are invaluable in just living your life. My positive attitude was instrumental in my battle with prostate cancer earlier this year. You’re not going to beat a serious disease with a negative attitude.

Loosing the Negative Attitude

Skip Orem: (01:15)

the problem is when you get diagnosed with cancer or heart disease or diabetes, really any disease, your attitude’s going to take a nose dive, it’s just a function of getting that bad news. How long you let that negative attitude hang around, it will have an impact on your ability to survive the disease.

The Grief Process

Skip Orem: (01:40)

You are going to go through all those steps in the grief process, shock and denial, depression, anger, bargaining. If you don’t get on top of that right away, it could take you a long time to get through that process, well you have to speed it up. That depression and that anger, it will help the disease to grow and you don’t want that.

Getting Your Attitude Right

Skip Orem:(02:02)

So how do you quickly get your attitude right? How do you turn all that around and continue to live your life in a positive way? Get your mind right so that you have your wits about you and can do the research and make the decisions that you’ll need to ake to fight the disease that’s invaded your body?

Faith is the Answer

Skip Orem: (02:24  )

The answer? Well, it’s your faith in God.

It is in God’s Hands

Skip Orem: (02:56) 

It is in God’s hands, what peace that thought can bring you each night as you fight life’s battles, what anxiety, what fear it can erase is in God’s hands. You really do need to free yourself, free yourself from trying to handle all of life’s problems on your own. Freedom comes from asking for God’s help and guidance. Think about this. What has come to destroy you, whatever it is, disease, the loss of a loved one, overpowering sadness, whatever has come to destroy you will bring you back to God.

Don’t Play the “What-If” Game

Skip Orem: (03:52) 

I know that truth, I lived it. You cannot predict the future, playing the what if game, that is straight out negative thinking. You can’t predict the future, don’t waste another minute playing the what if game. When you think about yesterday, perhaps it was okay. Today, it’s a good day, tomorrow might also be looking pretty good.

The Future Cannot Be Controlled

Skip Orem: (04:21)

But beyond that, you don’t know anything about what’s going to happen in the future, so why worry about it?

God Created Us

Skip Orem: (04:34)

Always everybody hope for the best, because your future, it can’t be controlled by you, everything is in God’s hands. Think about this. God, he loves us so much that he gave us his son, he gave his son to us. His perfect son had a terrible death, he died on the cross so that we might live forever. I’ve been asked this question, how did God make Jesus perfect but yet we’re his creation and we’re so flawed? God did create us and he gave us free choice, and starting with Eve, we’ve made a lot of bad choices, we still do, every one of us every day. We sin, we are flawed in so many ways we are not perfect. God, he created us, but he didn’t create Jesus. Jesus is from God. Jesus is God.

Jesus Wants to Help You in Your Battle

Skip Orem: (05:37)

Jesus is God’s son. Jesus, he’s part of the Holy Trinity father, son, and Holy ghost. Jesus is perfect. All powerful, such strength and he loves every one of us, he loves you. He knows everything about you, all the good and all the bad things we’ve all done in our life. He wants to forgive you, forgive us for everything. You will become a new person, all the bad things you’ve done, the bad things you’ve done in your past, the bad thoughts you might’ve had, they’re all going to be wiped away. Here everybody is the very important news for whatever battle you’re going through right now, whatever terrible things that you might be dealing with in your life. Jesus wants to help you in this battle. He wants to use his love, his strength, his power to help you fight this battle.

You Cannot Do It On Your Own

Skip Orem:(06:46)

And everybody, you don’t have that kind of strength and power, you cannot do it on your own. And also, this little footnote, it’s important, Jesus, he is offering you eternal life. Don’t turn away from him, he wants to put his arms around you, he knows you’re hurting, he knows you’re worried. He knows and he can feel how troubled and upset you are. He wants to fight this battle with you, giving you his strength, his warmth, and his love for you. Don’t turn away from that and do not delay asking him for his help. Jesus, he wants to forgive you, he wants to welcome you home and he wants to put his arms around you and give you peace. How can you not have a positive attitude with Jesus on your side fighting your battle with you? And you’ll have this, certainty. You will be certain that however all this works out, you’re going to have eternal life.

Eternal Life

Skip Orem:(08:02 )

You will be given eternal life in heaven with Jesus.

There is No Time

Skip Orem:(08:25  )

Then this, there is no more time to think about it. No more time to study up on it, no more time to get your act together. You don’t really have any time, you don’t know what’s ahead tomorrow. You don’t even know what the future brings later today, no more time.

Is There a Church?

Skip Orem:(08:52   )

Is there a church that maybe you pass that seems to be calling out to you, or maybe it’s not calling out to you, maybe its just become part of your day only because you pass it every day when you’re driving around? You have no idea what it looks like inside, it’s just always been there. Well do this, I promise you, nothing can go wrong with this. Do this. Walk into the door, that church and tell the very first person that you see, don’t ask to see someone who might be in charge, tell that that very first person you see, they might be doing something, you might be interrupting them and that’s no problem just tell the first person you see, tell them that you want to know about Jesus.

Helping You Let Jesus Into Your Life

Skip Orem:(09:47)

I promise you this, they will turn to you and look at you with a smile on their face and they will never forget, in their whole life, they’re never going to forget you walking through that door. You will bring

them so much joy and they will help you let Jesus into your life.