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GUIDED IMAGERY/MUSIC, Web Radio Today Audio Burst from Episode 27


Music/Guided Imagery Elements of the Web Radio Today Disease Fighting and Fitness Model

by Skip Orem | Web Radio Today

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In the Zone Workout    Guided Imagery Session

This is a special Web Radio Today excerpt from EPISODE 27, OCTOBER 30 2020


Music and the Arts

Skip Orem:: (00:02)

I was thinking that I hope everybody, that you can see from the music that accompanies our Web Radio Today mini workout as well as our interval training workouts, I hope that you can see that music, it can be such a motivator in helping you to exercise, but more than that, music and the arts overall can be such an enrichment to your life, bringing you so much joy. I started playing the guitar about eight years ago and my math is right, I was 66 at the time. My grandchildren, they thought I was crazy, but I took my lessons, I spent lots of fun hours practicing and learning new songs. Well, not actually new songs, but old songs from back in the day that I enjoyed listening to on the radio. Now I get so much joy, so much fulfillment every day from playing my guitar

Skip Orem: (01:00)

Music and the arts not only can they bring you fulfillment and joy, but they will keep you healthy. Playing a musical instrument, painting, working on crafts, playing cards and board games with your friends, all or any one of those activities can bring you so much joy, so much fulfillment, and literally add years to your life.

Skip Orem: (01::56)

Broad strokes on Web Radio Today, we’ve talked about diet and fitness, research and music and then later in the episode, we’ll spend some time on positive attitude and faith,

Guided Imagery

Skip Orem:(02:09)

so that leaves us with guided imagery, focused relaxation. A way to create calm and peaceful images in your mind that will allow you to have a mental escape from any stress or troubles that might be going on in your life. Guided imagery, it helped me to deal with all the stress caused by my cancer diagnosis earlier this year.

Guided Imagery Sessions

Skip Orem: (02:34)

I was actually making myself sicker dealing with the stress of that diagnosis and figuring out what to do, the financial situation, worrying about my family and all that. I needed to calm down, relax. Guided imagery, sometimes I did three sessions a day, it just helped me so much. If you go to webradiotoday.com and click on the Podcast and Shownotes page, and then listen to episode eight, it gives you all the information you need about guided imagery. That episode, it also includes a short guided imagery session. And then there are also at Web Radio Today three audio bursts, stand alone guided imagery sessions. That’s on the Audio Burst page at webradiotoday.com. I’m going to link to all the episodes and audio bursts that I’m talking about today, I’ll link to them in the show notes for this episode, Episode 27

Guided Imagery as Stress Reliever

Skip Orem: (03:40)

Guided imagery, it’s such a wonderful stress reliever. And by the way, the next episode of Web Radio Today, actually it’ll be the last episode of Season One, it’s going to be released on December 11th. That episode, Web Radio Today Episode Number 28 released on December 11th will be a standalone guided positive imagery session, especially designed to help you take a few minutes to get away from all of the stress of the holiday. Again, that’s Web Radio Today Episode 28, coming out on December 11th. Another short reminder, if you subscribe to Web Radio Today either at webradiotoday.com or from Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Overcast, wherever you get your podcasts, if you subscribe, you’ll never miss an episode. And of course, every episode of the Web Radio Today Podcast, no cost, it’s free. Everybody, we haven’t done a featured song on Web Radio Today for a few weeks, so let’s enjoy one right now. And then after this featured song, we’ll talk about maintaining a positive attitude and your faith. For now though, sit back, relax and enjoy with me now, Jerry Wall, Fire in St. Peter’s.