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Web Radio Today, the Fitness and Faith Podcast presents a special Audio Bust from Episode 25 with Skip Orem



by Skip Orem | Web Radio Today

This is a special Web Radio Today excerpt from EPISODE 25, OCTOBER 2 2020


Skip Orem (00:07 ):

I built seven elements into the WEB RADIO TODAY disease-fighting and fitness model. They’re not all equal, though, because there’s one that stands above them all, and that is faith. I talk about faith, especially my Christian faith. I talk about faith so often on this podcast. My faith is one of the reasons that I started the WEB RADIO TODAY podcast. I saw this podcast not only as a way to help us older folks fight off and deal with disease, stay healthy, but I also saw this podcast as a way to bring people closer to Jesus and closer to their faith.

Skip Orem (0:59)

My faith, everybody, without it, there’s no way I could have fought off and cleared prostate cancer out of my body earlier this year. I firmly believe that as far as disease- fighting and getting and staying healthy, faith has to be the first, the most important element. We need God, not only in our fitness and our disease-fighting efforts. We need Him in every part of our life. Everything.

Skip Orem (01:33  ):

Regular listeners know that I usually make some comments at the end of each episode encouraging people to get back to Jesus, to find Jesus if they don’t know Him and I always say, “There is no time. You need to do it right now.” I get emails from people accusing me of trying to rush people into a decision, sort of like a salesman of some type. I hope that I don’t come off that way. I firmly believe, though, that

procrastination is not good, procrastination, meaning just putting things off that need to be done right now. In our age group, if you’re procrastinating right now with your health, if you’re still thinking about WEB RADIO TODAY disease-fighting and fitness model, not doing anything yet, even if you don’t have a disease right now, actually, especially if you don’t have a disease right now,

Skip Orem (2:32)

the current state of your health, especially if it’s good, that makes it easier to put any kind of decision about getting healthy, staying healthy, makes it so much easier to put it off. But you can’t do that. In our age group, the stats are working against us.

Skip Orem (2:48):

Please, everybody, get involved with your health. Work on your diet and exercise. Make sure that your attitude is right. Put the arts, music into your life so that you can be sure that you’re getting the most out of every day. Enjoy your family and friends. Boredom, not getting on with your life. When you get older, it can take you out,

Skip Orem (03:21)

and if you feel stress, do everything you can to lower that stress level, things like guided positive imagery and meditation and learn about your older body.

Skip Orem (3:34)

Learn about what diseases you might be susceptible to and how to prevent them and then how to tame name them if you get them.

Skip Orem ( 03:46):

Then as we talk about this faith element, firing up your faith, finding faith, making sure that Jesus is in your life, I don’t want to sound like a salesman trying to close the sale too quickly, but with Jesus, getting Him into your life, getting Jesus into your life, now we’re really talking about life and death, and not just earthly death, we’re talking about death forever and ever   and ever,

Skip Orem (04:38)

and ever, and that means that every day, every hour, every minute and second that you procrastinate about your faith, you’re rolling the dice on your eternal life.

Skip Orem (04:52):

  Jesus said this in the ninth chapter of Luke in verse 61, this guy is saying to Jesus, “I’m ready to follow you, master, but first, excuse me for a while. First, I need to get some things straightened out at home.”

Skip Orem (05:10)

Jesus, He answers this guy in verse 62. He says, “No procrastination. No backward looks.” Jesus says, “You can’t put God’s kingdom on hold until tomorrow. Seize the day.”

Skip Orem (05:34):

Please, everybody, seize the day. Seize the day right now.

Skip Orem (05:39):

It’s the devil who’s telling you that you have plenty of time, “Take some time, think all this over. You don’t need to rush on this.” Jesus, He’ll be here when you’re ready, but there’s no guarantee that you’re going to be here.  

Skip Orem (06:00)

You don’t know what the next minute holds. You know nothing. You know anything about the future. You really don’t have any time. Yesterday, it might’ve been a good day, okay? Things are looking good today and tomorrow is looking pretty good. Fact is, you don’t even know if there’ll be a tomorrow for you.

Skip Orem (06:22)

Don’t put off Jesus. He’s calling you today. If you’re already a Christian, perhaps like I was, you’ve strayed away from Jesus, you’re backsliding. You continue to backslide.

Skip Orem (06:37)

Right now, just drop to your knees and ask Him for help and forgiveness. He will, of course, forgive you and He will welcome you home.

Skip Orem (06:46):

  If you don’t know, Jesus, I’ll tell you something: He knows you. He already loves you. He knows

everything good and bad that you have ever done and that hasn’t stopped Him from loving you and He

wants to forgive you for all of that right now. He wants to put all of that behind. He loves you so much

and He wants to put His arms around you and He wants to welcome you home.

Skip Orem (07:16):

Do this today: Walk into the first church that you see and tell the first person that you meet there, the first person that you see there in the church, let them know that you don’t know a whole lot about Jesus, but you want Him into your life. That first person that you see there in that strange church that you just walked into, you will bring a smile to their face and you and that person right there, together, you two, you’ve just experienced a moment that neither one of you will ever forget, and that person will introduce you to your Savior, Jesus Christ