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This is a special Web Radio Today excerpt from EPISODE 22, September 25 2020


Skip Orem: (00:00)

 Non believers who hear that my battle with cancer turned me back to Jesus, they think it’s sort of cliche. You don’t need Jesus. He wasn’t in your life that much, but now when you really need him, you want him back.

Skip Orem: (00:40)

But you know what? I thank my cancer for bringing me back to God.

Skip Orem: (00:59)

I grew up a Christian and in the fundamentalist church that I grew up in my seven or eight years of Sunday school, Sunday morning and Sunday evening sermons, Wednesday night Bible meetings, summer church camps. I sometimes think that that was the equivalent of a divinity school education. I’d memorize parts of the Bible. This stuff had been drilled into me and I believed it. But you know what? For a major portion of my life, I drifted away from all of that. I was more focused on other things than my relationship with Jesus. I didn’t live a Christian life. So this cancer comes along to take me out and I immediately turned to Jesus for help. There are no atheists in foxholes,

Skip Orem: (01:50)

 someone, me, with all that training and understanding of who Jesus was. I walked away from him and turned back to him. I was very fortunate that I had all of that religious training when I was young, because of that training and understanding of the Bible, I knew that Jesus would not hold a grudge and he would immediately accept me back.

I knew that I would be, and I was forgiven and welcomed back into his arms

Skip Orem: (02:30)

because of the forgiveness that I’ve been given. I get a little concerned when people tell me, they say, “I’ve done so many bad things. I’ve led such a terrible life. I’ve committed sins that can never be forgiven.” I’ve had to control my voice when I respond. None of that matters. Jesus accepts you as you are. It doesn’t matter what terrible things you may have done, what terrible thoughts you might’ve had.

Skip Orem: (03:04)

It doesn’t matter that you may have rejected Jesus in the past. It doesn’t matter that you may have ridiculed people pull in the past for their belief in Jesus. None of that matters. And you want to know why? Because Jesus suffered God’s wrath for you. He did that for you. Paraded through town, forced to carry his own cross, wearing that crown of thorns people jeering at him and then being nailed to that cross to hang there and die in shame. Jesus knew he had to do that. He knew how awful that was going to be all of the pain that he was going to be made to feel. And at the time of the crucifixion, he was in a human body. So he was going to feel every nail go in, the pain of dying there, hanging on a cross, people making fun of him. He knew that, he knew it in advance and yeah, he was concerned and he was worried about it. Even asked God not to do it.

Skip Orem: (04:07)

There in the garden. Matthew 26, verse 39. He asked God, “Father, if it’s possible, may this cup be taken away from me? Yet, not as I will, but as you will.” In other words, father, could you not do this please? But if you must understand, and I will submit.

Skip Orem: (04:35)

As he says in verse 42, knowing everything in advance that was going to be done to him, “Father, if it’s not possible for this cup to be taken away, unless I drink it, may your will be done.”

Skip Orem: (04:54)

Why did he have to do that? Why did God lay all of his wrath on his son? It was an amazing plan, if you think about it and an amazing sacrifice, not only for Jesus, that sacrifice wasn’t only for Jesus, but for God too, we don’t know this for sure. But I think when that darkness occurred, while Jesus was hanging there, dying on the cross, we know as a fact that the darkness occurred.

Skip Orem: (05:25)

But I wonder if perhaps the reason for the darkness was that God could not bear to look at what he had done to his son covered with all of our sins past, present, and future all of the sins of the world, dying there, that terrible death on the cross, what was happening there, Jesus was taking the punishment for all of our sins. And that includes you and me, everybody, because of what he went through there on the cross, we’ve been forgiven. We’ve been offered eternal life if we only believe.

Skip Orem: (06:16)

Please, if you haven’t done so already take advantage of what Jesus did for you on that cross and give your life to him. Okay, so you don’t know how to go about giving your life to Jesus. You’re not sure how to turn your life over to him? How to ask him for forgiveness, which he will give you, if you only ask.

Skip Orem: (06:41)

You’re confused about how to get all that started. Well, there’s not a whole lot of time left, so you need to get started right away, walk into any church, just walk right into the door. Most of them are open all day. Any door that’s open, go ahead and walk in. Someone will be there. Then the first person that you run into there tell them you’re looking for some help because you want to find Jesus. You want to learn more about giving your life to Jesus.

Skip Orem: (07:20)

I promise you this, everybody, their eyes will brighten. They’ll probably smile at you. It will become a moment that neither one of you will ever forget, and they’ll help you find Jesus.

Skip Orem: (07:39)

Our future is not guaranteed and we don’t know how much time we have left.

Skip Orem: (07:42)

Don’t lose eternal life because you were too timid to act.

Skip Orem: (07:52)

Don’t be deprived of forgiveness and love because the devil’s telling you to take some time and, and think about all this before you do anything because you can’t be sure if you have the time, come to Jesus now, just as you are.

Skip Orem: (08:21)

Like the verse in the song says, just as I am tossed about with many a conflict, many a doubt fighting’s and fears within and without, oh, lamb of God. I come. I come.